Chapter 950

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Dustin lay unconscious on his bed in Zephyr Lodge. His brows were furrowed, and his face was ghostly pale.

A war raged on within him as the toxins and his true energy battled with each other relentlessly.

From time to time, black blood would trickle out of his nose and mouth.

Dr. Watkins sat by his bedside as he carefully performed acupuncture on him. His brows were furrowed in concentration as he tried to get the poison out of him.

Cornelius, Azalea, Abigail, and the rest were worried as they stood waiting by the side.

Dustin was not even cleared of Septemortis yet, and now another unknown poison was added to the mix. The situation was terrible.

Ronald led those from the Balerno martial arts alliance to search for Conrad, who seemed to have disappeared. They still had no news of him yet.

Now, all their hopes lay with Dr. Watkins to bring Dustin back from the brink of death.

As time passed, sweat began forming on Dr. Watkin’s forehead. He was breathing raggedly.

As the needles were inserted one by one, everyone could see a mass of dark energy in Dustin’s chest. It expanded and contracted repeatedly, never disappearing the entire time.

After performing the acupuncture, Dr. Watkins fed Dustin an enhanced Curax.

Though Curax could expel all sorts of poison, it didn’t work well against the ten deadliest poisons. The most it could do against those was to suppress their effects barely.

A moment later, Dr. Watkins stood up, and he sighed.

“Dr. Watkins! How is it? Is he alright?” Abigail was the first to ask.

She had locked herself away to meditate. It was shocking for her to hear about what had happened to Dustin when she came out of her room.

“It doesn’t look too good.” Dr. Watkins shook his head.

“There are two types of poison inside Mr. Rhys right now. One of them is Septemortis, and the other is Dispergia.

“The two poisons complement each other. So, their toxicity increases when together. I am really at my wit’s end.

“Septemortis is tough to cure by itself. And now, he has Dispergia in him, too.

“Dispergia is a poison specifically targeted at grandmasters. So, the situation at hand is extremely complicated.

“If Dustin was not strong enough, he’d probably have died on the spot.”

“But Dr. Watkins, you’re one of the best doctors! How can you not be able to cure him?” Abigail was flustered.

“If Dustin was not strong enough, he’d probably have died on the spot.”

“But Dr. Watkins, you’re one of the best doctors! How can you not be able to cure him?” Abigail was flustered.

Dustin was the only person who had shown her true kindness apart from her father.

“Dr. Watkins, no matter how much it costs to cure Sir Rhys, we will pay it!

“Even if it means selling everything we own! Please, Dr. Watkins, you must save him!”

Cornelius dropped to his knees with a loud thud.

“Please save him, Dr. Watkins!”

All the guildmasters of the three major guilds fell to their knees too.

“There is no need for this. Mr. Rhys is also a part of the Stoneray Order.

“I will do my best to save him if he is not beyond saving. However…” Dr. Watkins hesitated

to finish his sentence.

The ten deadliest poisons were potent. They were the bane of all doctors.

Had it only been Septemortis, he could give it a try to remove the poison. But now, two different poisons were working within Dustin.

His hands were pretty much tied.

Just then, a pretty figure rushed in suddenly as she exclaimed, “Dustin!”

It was Natasha!

She had been caught up with setting up her company in Oakvale. But she put everything aside and rushed back immediately when she heard that something had happened to


“Ms. Natasha, you’re finally here. He… he looks like he isn’t going to make it.”

Abigail’s eyes were red–rimmed as she said that. Even her voice cracked as she said, “How could this be? What exactly happened?”

Natasha frowned. Her heart drummed uncontrollably.

Abigail hid nothing from her and told her everything.

Natasha paled as though she’d been struck by lightning.

So Dustin had been poisoned much earlier on. He knew that she would be worried about


That was why he hadn’t told her about it.

But the more he tried to hide things like this from her, the more worried she was.

“Dr. Watkins!”

Natasha grabbed him like he was her last hope.

“Everyone knows that you’re a miracle doctor. Please save Dustin. I’ll willingly pay any price for him to be saved!” she begged.

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