Chapter 949

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Only Ronald Reeds and his group remained in the same spot.

“Ronald, why are you still here? Return.”

Paul Hill said calmly.

Ronald Reeds said nothing. After a brief glance, his gaze refocused on Azalea once more: “Azalea, where did you bring this individual from?”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

Paul Hill furrowed his brow, somewhat annoyed.

“What? Are you going to continue this charade?”

Ronald Reeds’ expression turned icy.

“How insolent! Why are you addressing your master in such a manner? Show some respect!”

Paul Hill scolded in anger.

“Hmph! Let’s see if you’re flesh and blood or just a specter.”

Ronald Reeds coldly snorted and suddenly moved, grabbing Paul Hill by the face.

Paul Hill furrowed his brow and tried to back away, but he couldn’t escape the grasp.

Just as he was about to be caught, Azalea suddenly stepped in front of him and implored, “Leader Ronald, please show mercy. If you have something to discuss—”

“Traitor! How dare you assault my master? You’re nothing but a turncoat!” Paul Hill’s face burned with anger.

“Enough of the act, Alliance Leader Ronald has seen through it.”

Azalea glanced back, issuing a subtle warning.

Upon hearing this, Paul Hill, who had been furious moments ago, instantly changed his demeanor, revealing a somewhat mischievous grin.

Then, a clear, feminine voice emerged from her lips: “The martial arts master is truly perceptive. I didn’t expect you to uncover the clues behind the little girl’s carefully crafted human skin mask.”

After speaking, she reached out, and in an instant, the white-bearded Paul Hill vanished.

In his place was a strikingly beautiful woman’s face.

It was Azalea!

“Brother Azalea, who is this?”

Ronald Reeds furrowed his brow slightly. “Leader Ronald, this is a friend of mine skilled in the art of disguise.”

Conrad bowed and replied, “To reveal Paul Hill’s true face, I had to resort to this ruse. I hope Alliance Leader Ronald understands.”

“I see, quite the peculiar individual.”

Ronald Reeds nodded, then continued, “Although your actions were somewhat unorthodox, given the circumstances, they are forgivable in the pursuit of proving your innocence.”

“Thank you, Alliance Leader Ronald, for your understanding.” Conrad nodded with a hint of gratitude.

Disguising Azalea as Paul Hill and staging the performance had been somewhat audacious.

“No need for further pleasantries. I’m pleased that you’ve cleared your name. The Jiangnan Martial League could use talented individuals like you. This world will be yours, the younger generation’s, from now on,” Ronald Reeds said, visibly relieved.

“Leader Ronald, your praise is too generous,” Conrad replied with a slight smile.

“Oh, I nearly forgot the most crucial matter.”

As if recalling something important, Ronald Reeds swiftly retrieved a vial of medicine and handed it over, saying, “This is the antidote for the Seven-Day Heart-Breaking Pill. Take it immediately. Once the poison reaches your bone marrow, there will be inevitable side effects.”

“Thank you, Alliance Leader Ronald.”

Conrad accepted the vial without hesitation, poured out the antidote, and consumed it in one gulp.

“All right, my mission is accomplished. Paul Hill will face public execution by the Martial Alliance tomorrow. Feel free to attend. I shall take my leave now.”

Ronald Reeds bowed and turned to depart.

However, at that moment, Conrad’s expression suddenly changed. He coughed up a mouthful of dark blood and collapsed to the ground.

“Little miracle doctor?” Azalea’s eyes widened in shock as she rushed to support him.

“Brother Conrad! What’s happening to you?” Ronald Reeds was equally startled.

“The medicine… it was poisoned!”

Conrad gritted his teeth, drenched in sweat.

The antidote contained poison, and in a momentary lapse, he had been deceived.

“Poisoned? How is that possible?”

Ronald Reeds furrowed his brow deeply, then suddenly realized, “Wait! Conrad handed me the antidote. Could he have tampered with it?

That devious scoundrel played such a vile trick!

Quick! Summon all the Martial Alliance members and apprehend Conrad! Then send a messenger to Strongey Valley, urgently requesting their assistance!

No matter the cost, we must save Conrad! Hurry!”

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