Chapter 948

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After some commotion, Spring Hill collapsed to the ground with a resounding “thud.”

His contorted face was filled with a myriad of negative emotions.

Anger, hatred, jealousy, madness, and a profound sense of unwillingness.

He couldn’t fathom why this had occurred; his plan had been executed flawlessly.

As long as he eliminated Paul Hill, he could ascend to the throne successfully. From that point on, he could consolidate his power and rule supreme.

However, fate had a different plan. Despite employing every possible means, he found himself with nothing to show for it.

From the moment he aspired to seize power, he was destined for one of two outcomes.

Either he would reach the pinnacle and earn the admiration of thousands, or he would plummet into the abyss and shatter into pieces.

Regrettably, he had failed.

Paul Hill was still alive, rendering all his strategies and plots futile.

Yet, he could not accept it!

Just one step away, just one step away from a life of ease!

Why? !

“I never expected Spring Hill to be the puppeteer behind the scenes. It’s truly astonishing!”

“You might appear benign on a daily basis, but beneath that facade, you’re a sanctimonious hypocrite, showing one face to the world and another to your heart!”

“If the former alliance leader hadn’t faked his death, this fiend would have succeeded in seizing power!”


Witnessing Spring Hill’s near madness, everyone was both shocked and incensed.

They had previously voiced their support and had placed great trust in him, never suspecting that he was a beast in disguise.

“Come here! Bind this treacherous beast!”

Ronald Reeds barked angrily.


The two elders of the martial alliance responded, breaking Spring Hill’s legs and securing him tightly.

“Old man! Die! Die!” Spring Hill roared with an unwillingness that seemed to have consumed his sanity.

“Place him in a dungeon, guard him closely, and execute him publicly tomorrow!”

Ronald Reeds gave the order and directed his people to remove Spring Hill.

“The truth has been unveiled, please disperse.”

Ronald Reeds turned and dismissed the various sects that had gathered.

No one had anticipated such a turn of events.

Originally, their mission was to confront Dustin.

Yet, the path had been filled with unexpected twists and turns. First, Paul Hill was revealed, and then Spring Hill’s true nature emerged.

With every revelation, the shock grew.

The two sons of the Hill family had nearly deceived everyone.

“Leader Ronald, your Jiangnan Martial Arts League certainly boasts remarkable talents. Today’s spectacle has truly opened my eyes. Farewell.”

Conrad made a meaningful remark and departed with the members of the Jiangbei Martial League.

“Humph! I won’t let that lad escape again so easily!”

Edith’s countenance was dark, and his gaze harbored no goodwill.

“Who could have guessed that Paul Hill wasn’t dead? That rascal’s luck is infuriating!”

Brittany gritted her teeth, feeling thoroughly aggrieved.

“Master, what should we do now?”

Nikki asked cautiously.

“What else can we do? We must return and study the fragment meticulously, hoping to uncover its secrets.” Edith squinted his eyes.

Reaching the master level required a fortuitous encounter; otherwise, it was as challenging as reaching the heavens.

“Master, speaking of the fragment, I recall something.”

Nikki spoke thoughtfully, “That fellow Dustin mentioned earlier that there might be something hidden within the fragment. Opening it might yield a surprise.”

“A surprise?” Edith’s eyes brightened. “Why didn’t you mention this earlier?”

“I only just remembered it,” Nikki said coyly. “Hurry, let’s go back now!”

Impatiently, Edith swiftly led his group away.

In just a matter of minutes, everyone at the entrance of Fengyu Villa had departed.

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