Chapter 933

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“You!” While Vivian seethed in anger, there was nothing she could do. She could only endure int silence.

She could only pray that Dustin would work faster. She sensed that she was losing blood, and her body was growing weaker.

Three minutes later, Dustin finally finished treating the second man. As long as the bleeding was stopped, he wouldn’t die immediately.

“It should be my turn now, right? Hurry up and start treating me!” Vivian was getting impatient. She rushed Dustin repeatedly.

Yet Dustin appeared completely at ease. He didn’t feel any sense of urgency. He wiped his hands. and stretched lazily before leisurely sipping on a cup of tea.

“Hey! What are you doing? Help me stop the bleeding!”

“Vivian was on the verge of losing her temper. She was nearly drained of blood. How could he be in the mood to enjoy his tea?

“Why the rush? It’s not like you’re dying.” Dustin glanced at her, still unmoved.

“What do you mean I’m not dying? Don’t you see that I was shot? Where’s your humanity? Save me!

Vivian was anxious.

As she got more agitated, blood pooled faster. She was so shocked that she took a few deep breaths to calm herself down.

“Is this how you ask for a favor?” Dustin continued sipping on his tea leisurely.

“Rhys! Don’t push it too far when I’m being nice!” Vivian seethed in anger, gritting her teeth.

She was the heiress of the Willow family. She was always placed on a pedestal wherever she went.

How dare a mere country doctor show off in front of her? It was a terrible offense!

“Since you’re not sincere, forget about it. Bye.”

Dustin couldn’t bother with her any longer. After finishing his tea in one gulp, he stood up and left.

“Wait! Wait… Miracle Doctor! Miracle Doctor Rhys! I was wrong!

“I chose the wrong words and have offended you. Please, doctor, save me!”

Vivian gave in immediately when she saw the situation taking a turn for the worse. Her survival instinct was in full gear.

“Dustin, Vivian seems to be in bad shape. Can you please save her?” Sheila chimed in.

“Fine, I’ll help her this once for your sake.” Dustin nodded.

“Thank you, Doctor Rhys! Thank you very much!” Vivian’s expression brightened.

However, a glint of resentment flashed through her eyes. Once she got through this, she would definitely seek revenge.

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After a few minutes, he returned with a box of medical supplies.

“Here, just stick this on the wound.” Dustin tossed the medical supplies to Vivian’s feet.

“What is this?”

Curiously, Vivian opened up the box and was immediately dumbfounded.

Dustin had tossed her a box of band–aids!

“D–Doctor Rhys, is this a joke?” Vivian widened her eyes in disbelief.

“I have a gunshot wound–a gunshot wound! What the hell can this do?”

“What do you mean? J&J Band–Aids can stop bleeding, disinfect, and even provide pain relief. There is nothing better than that to help with your injuries,” Dustin said seriously.

Vivian was speechless. Her eyes twitched uncontrollably, and her body trembled.

Seriously? Who the hell would treat a gunshot wound with a band–aid? Could he please show some respect?

“Sheila, she can’t seem to move freely. Why don’t you help her? Don’t forget to stick it both on the front and the back.

“As for whether she can survive, that would depend on her luck. I have other things to attend to, so I’ll take my leave now.”

With that, Dustin left without looking back.

As soon as he walked out the doors, he heard a shrill scream.

“Rhys! You’re my enemy from now on.”

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