Chapter 932

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As they watched Simba being sent flying, a stunned silence fell over everyone. Their eyes widened in disbelief Some of them even doubted their eyes

Simba was over two meters tall. He had a massive figure and a muscular physique, just like a


Meanwhile, Dustin looked thin and fragile. It was as if a gust of wind could blow him away

Under normal circumstances, Simba should have been the winner. After all, they had a clear difference in size. So, how did the situation reverse so suddenly?

“What the fuck? Who the hell is this guy? How is he so strong?”

The group exchanged shocked looks. Not even Evan could rival Simba, so how could this country

doctor have defeated him?

“Dustin, you’re amazing!” After a brief shock, Sheila immediately cheered.

If it weren’t for Dustin intervening, she might not have survived.

“Don’t be that impulsive next time. Your first priority should be your own safety in a situation like this,” Dustin warned.

This woman was willing to risk her life to save her friends. She was truly foolish.

“Got it!” Sheila smiled sweetly in response.

Since Dustin had saved her again, she was determined to repay him well.

“You you’re actually a divine–level martial artist?”

Evan got up from the ground. He looked surprised.

He considered himself a capable martial artist. Still, he was only a high–level martial artist.

He couldn’t believe the plain–looking man before him was a martial arts expert.

“That doesn’t seem to concern you.” Dustin cast him a sidelong glance, his expression cold

“You…” The corner of Evan’s lips twitched. But he swallowed his words.

God damn it! What was he showing off for? He was just a divine–level martial artist. He was essentially just a fighter.

The Derlin family is influential. A grandmaster showed them some respect, let alone a divine-

level martial artist.

“Cut the crap and call an ambulance!” Right then, Vivian, who had fallen after being shot, shouted

Although the bullet had pierced her chest, she was lucky it missed her heart. She wouldn’t die immediately.

“Hang in there, Vivian. I’ll call for help right now!” Sheila returned to her senses and dialed for

Aside from Vivian, two others had also fallen victim to stray bullets

“Let me attend to them”

Dustin approached one of the injured men and assessed his condition

The man had been shot twice, and he had lost a significant amount of blood. It was clear that he wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer

“Hey! Are you even qualified to be doing this? This is a matter of life and death” Evan asked

“If I can’t do it, are you going to treat him instead?” Dustin fired back.

“I” Evan fell silent.

“Shut it if you can’t contribute.”

Dustin wasted no time and pulled out a silver needle. He sealed off several acupoints near the

man’s wound

In no time, the bleeding stopped.

The sight left the group amazed. Although it was hard to believe, they had to admit that traditional medicine did work.

“Sheila, please bandage him up for me.”

With his instructions given, he went over to the other wounded man.

“Me! Save me first!” Before Dustin could insert a needle, Vivian immediately cried out. Panic and fear filled her eyes.

“I’m just a scammer in the martial arts world. I can’t treat you. You’re better off praying for a miracle,” Dustin replied impassively.

“No, no, you’re not a scammer. You’re a miracle doctor. Please save me first. My injuries are worse * Vivian’s expression scrunched miserably.

In the face of death, she had no choice but to set aside her pride. At least, she could tell earlier that Dustin did have some genuine skills.

“You seem quite energetic to me. You won’t die for the time being. Hang in there for a little longer. After he spoke, Dustin took out his silver needle and proceeded to treat the other man’s injuries.

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