Chapter 925

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Just then, a treacherous–looking young man spoke out

“Neither Dustin shook his head.

“Oh? Are you from some backwater university?” The young man snickered.

The rest of the group looked on amusingly. They were ready to witness a spectacle.

“I’ve never gone to university,” Dustin replied.

“What? You’ve never even gone to university?”

The young man replied with an exaggerated expression, “Bro, are you joking? How can you be a doctor without a degree?”

“I practice traditional medicine. I grew up in that environment, so I acquired the skills naturally.* Dustin remained unfazed.

“Traditional medicine?” The young man froze before bursting out in laughter.

“Bro, you’re joking, right? Traditional medicine? That’s just another name for a swindler in the

martial arts world.”

“Hah! Who believes in traditional medicine these days? Those who do are fools!”

“You can’t say that. Those old folks who frequent the parks are totally into it. There sure are those who fall for it.”

At that moment, laughter erupted from the group. Their tones were laced with sarcasm.

Having received their education in Streuqua from a young age, they despised traditional medicine

“Sheila, are you sure he’s the one who saved you? Were you lied to?” Vivian fanned the flames.

“That’s impossible! Dustin is not a liar. He really has amazing skills!” Sheila argued.

“He has amazing skills? Hah… I don’t believe it.”

The young man grinned and said with a disdainful gaze. “Aren’t you a traditional medicine. practitioner? Let’s see if you can figure out what’s wrong with me.

“There’s a reward if you guess right!” As he spoke, he extended an arm, looking expectant.

Dustin gave him a quick once–over. He said impassively,” Have you been feeling cold lately? You’ve also been sweating more than usual and experiencing back pain.”


The young man frowned. “How did you know that?”

His body had indeed been feeling strange lately.

“I noticed that your gaze is dull. You’re also experiencing shortness of breath, and your complexion is pale.

“Along with the other symptoms, you probably have weak kidneys. That leads to sexual

“Bullshit” The young man was furious when he heard Dustin

I’m fine! I can do it seven times a day, no problem

Men hated it when they were told they couldn’t perform well

“Not only that, you have STD I’d advise you to get checked at the hospital. If you don’t go soon, you might lose your buddy,” Dustin warned.

“Y–You You’re spouting nonsense!” His fury reached its peak.

“If you speak any more crap, I’ll beat the shit out of you!”

Saying he was bad in bed was one thing, but now he was accusing him of having STDs?

If word got out, how would he face anyone ever again?

“Hmph! What a load of crap!”

Vivian pursed her lips in disdain. “Do you think you’re God? How can you know what illness someone has by just one look?”

“Dustin, your claims have something to do with a man’s reputation and dignity. You better watch your words.

“Otherwise, you might get a beating,” Evan warned as he glared at Dustin.

“That’s right! You say I’m sick, then show me the evidence! If you can’t prove it, today won’t end well for you!” the treacherous–looking young man threatened aggressively.

“You want evidence? That’s simple.” Dustin raised an eyebrow and pointed at his abdomen.

“Press about three inches below your navel, two inches to the left from the midline. Then press one inch above your navel, along the midline.”

“Hmph! Let’s see what tricks you’re getting at!” The young man followed Dustin’s steps defiantly He pressed the two points on his abdomen.

After he was done, he lifted his head arrogantly and said, “I did it. Now what? I don’t feel anything What does it prove? You’re nothing but a swindler!”

As soon as he finished speaking, they suddenly heard the sound of water dripping.

Everyone looked down to find that the young man’s crotch, at some point, had become wet. Yellow liquid was dripping non–stop from the end of his trousers.

He had lost control of his bladder!

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