Chapter 924

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“I’ve been here for a while now But I’ve been quite busy and haven’t had the chance to visit

General Murray.”

Dustin smiled and changed the subject, “By the way, how are you recovering? Do you still feel unwell?”

Polarfrost was an extremely rare disease. It was hard to get rid of it entirely.

His method of using a fiery beetle to suppress it could only ensure Sheila’s safety for the next ten


After ten years, unless she found a rare treasure to save her, she would die.

“I’m doing great! I’ve been eating well too.” Sheila smiled.

“Of course, it’s all thanks to you. I would have been long gone if it wasn’t for you.”

“No need to mention it. Solving people’s problems and getting paid is what I’m supposed to do,” Dustin replied with a smile.

“Sheila, who’s this? Why don’t you introduce him to us?” a woman in red beside Sheila asked.

“Ah, I almost forgot.” Sheila was quick to catch on.

“Vivian, this is Dustin. The one I’ve talked about. He’s the one who cured me of my strange illness!

As she spoke, her head was tilted up slightly. She looked slightly proud.

“Oh… So you’re that guy Sheila often talks about?” Vivian gave him a once–over. She looked at him

with a slight disdain.

Dustin wasn’t bad–looking, but he dressed like a country bumpkin. Both of them were clearly fron

different worlds.

She didn’t understand how an ordinary guy like Dustin won Sheila’s heart.

Was it because he was good–looking? She had a bland taste if that were the case.

“Dustin, have you eaten? Do you want to join us?” Sheila asked first.

“Oh, I just ate,” Dustin replied.

“Huh?” Sheila’s smile stiffened.

She found another excuse. “If you don’t want to eat, why don’t you sit down and have something drink? It just so happens that I need your advice about medical stuff.”

She looked at him expectantly, eagerly awaiting his response.

“Alright then.” Dustin hesitated for a moment before nodding.

Sheila was too innocent. He was afraid of making her cry if he rejected her again.

“That’s great! Dustin, please come this way!”

Sheila lit up instantly and pulled him by the arm.

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The one seated in the middle was a well–dressed man with a dignified appearance Though he looked no older than thirty, he had deep, profound eyes.

Radiating a commanding aura, he carried a natural tegal presence. He stood out just by sitting there, like a main character from a story

“Sheila, who’s this next to you? How come I’ve never seen him before?”

The well–dressed man stood up and scrutinized Dustin His gaze carried a hint of hostility

The intimacy between Sheila and Dustin bothered him.

“Evan, this is Dustin Rhys. He has remarkable medical skills. It’s thanks to him that I’ve recovered

from my illness.”

Sheila wasted no time with the introductions.

“Is that so?” Evan narrowed his eyes and put on a fake smile.

“Well, since he’s your friend, please have a seat.”

“Dustin, please, sit.” Sheila pulled out a chair for Dustin and positioned it behind him.

Many around them frowned at her behavior. When had the distinguished young lady of the

Murray family ever shown such humility?

Wasn’t that guy just a doctor?

In normal circumstances, he wouldn’t even be worthy of their attention. They all came from. privileged backgrounds, after all.

They were either wealthy children of prestigious families or high–ranking officials. None of them were ordinary citizens.

How could a mere doctor find himself in their exclusive circle?

“Doctor Rhys, was it? May I ask about your alma mater? Harvard or Yale?”

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