Chapter 911

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“The scripture?” Dustin was surprised

Then, he burst out laughing “That’s what you were after this entire time, wasn’t it?”

He thought Nikki had finally come around and was trying to advise him for fear of his safety. It turned out that she was just putting on a show. Her goal was the Jade Maiden Scripture.

“Dustin, the scripture is very important to me. Please return it.”

Nikki’s expression was awkward, but there was a determined look in her eyes.

“I’ve already given it to you. Why are you asking me again?” Dustin’s expression turned stormy.

“Stop acting I know you stole it. We can still be friends if you hand it over,” Nikki said expressionlessly.

“First of all, I never stole that scripture of yours. It’s your problem if you lose it. Secondly, I don’t think I want to be friends with you,” Dustin jeered.

“Are you going to keep acting like this, Dustin? The scripture is useless to you! Just return it to me, and we can be friends again!” Nikki frowned.

She thought Dustin was a good man, but it was only a trick. He must have stolen the scripture to force her into making up with him.

What a despicable man!

“Are you deaf? I said I don’t have it! And even if I did, so what? I’d rather burn it to ashes than le you have it!” Dustin snapped.

“You!” Nikki was infuriated. She couldn’t believe how sneaky Dustin was.

“The Jade Maiden Scripture belongs to us in the first place. What right do you have to keep it Nikki yelled angrily.

She continued, “If you keep acting like this, I’ll have no choice but to let everyone know all the dirty things you did. You won’t even have time to regret your actions then!”

“Pfft! Are you threatening me?” Dustin chuckled frostily. “Nikki Horst, you better stop testing n patience.”

“As if you aren’t guilty of stealing!” Nikki shouted. “Besides, I still haven’t gotten even with you f killing my brother. You better explain yourself today!”

“Shut up!” Dustin snarled. “Nikki Horst, don’t you dare bring up Nelson. If it weren’t for him, I would have gotten rid of you a long time ago!”

“What? Are you going to hit me or something?” Nikki glared at him.

She said, “You stole our Sisterhood’s treasure and killed my brother. You’re a fucking piece of s

Instantly, Dustin slapped Nikki across the cheek. The force threw her backward, and blood star gushing out of her nose.

n–nów udie you in me NIKKI Heru nei injovomy LijeYR

Even when she drugged them last night, Dustin hadn’t raised his hand against her So, she didn’t expect him to smack her in front of so many people

“This is for Nelson I’m helping him teach you a lesson If you keep throwing a tantrum, I’ll break your legs next Dustin snapped

“You” Nikki gritted her teeth.

Her face contorted in tage. However, she dared not strike back with Cornelius next to Dustin

“Having you as his sister must be Nelson’s worst disgrace Dustin spat before stepping over her

“You fucking asshole! I can’t wait for Sir Augustus to rip you to shreds!” Nikki cursed, screeching like a maniac

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