Chapter 884

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Late that night in Zephyr Lodge, Dustin told Hector. “Mr. Harmon, your wounds have been treated. You’ll be fine after a few days of rest.”

After dressing up the wounds, Dustin gave Hector a Haemoplenish to boost his health.

Fortunately, the three stabs hadn’t hit any vital organs. Otherwise, it would have been a pain

to treat.

“I appreciate your help tonight, Dustin. Thank you.” Hector smiled at him, looking pleased with Dustin.

Somehow, he had already taken Dustin as the best candidate for his son–in–law.

“You’re welcome. It’s not a big deal at all.”

Dustin smiled as he asked, “Mr. Harmon, I’m just curious. You certainly can take charge of the situation and put them in their place. Why did you have to stab yourself three times?”

Hector was still in command of the shadow guards. Nobody would have been able to retaliate if he had taken more drastic means to control the situation.

Then, he wouldn’t have to end up the way he did now–powerless and poor.

“It’s clear that things played out the way they did today because someone had been interfering from the sidelines.

“I’m afraid none of them would be happy if I wielded my power over them. It might even cause the entire family to fall apart.”

Hector sighed before he continued, “The Harmon family has had it tough in recent years. We haven’t progressed much and barely survived the mess with the Dark Lord.

“The family is in such a depressing situation. We’re all waiting for the right opportunity to

start over.

“We cannot afford to put any more strain on it. I don’t mind suffering a little if the family remains peaceful and stable.”

“Your attitude is truly inspiring, Mr. Harmon. Unfortunately, your sacrifice for the family might be in vain.” Dustin shook his head.

“Exactly, Dad. You shouldn’t have backed down this time,” Natasha said seriously.

“Uncle Trent has changed. He used to be snobbish but would never stoop so low as to scheme against his family.

“But look at him now. He’s using every possible means to claim the position as head of the family!”

“Your Uncle Trent isn’t a bad person. This is probably just a rash decision of his.” Hector looked confused and unsure.

What happened earlier today was weird. It was as though they weren’t brothers but strangers instead.

“Honestly speaking, it isn’t Trent I’m worried about. It’s Kate.”

Dustin poured them each a cup of tea. Then, he continued, “She’s an ambitious woman who will do anything to achieve her goals.

“She would even go so far as to harm her family members for her gains and glory. She’s going to be a difficult one to handle.”

“So what you’re saying is that Kate was the one who stirred up what happened today?” Natasha frowned.

“No. To be precise, Kate and Tyler are working together. They are the cause of what happened, “Dustin said meaningfully.

“Mr. Harmon, have you ever thought why Tyler wishes to have a marriage alliance with the Harmon family? And why would he settle with Kate after Natasha rejected him?”

“Why?” Hector wondered.

He had thought that Tyler liked his daughter. He thought the Grants‘ standing in the business sector would improve with the marriage.

But now that he thought about it, that didn’t seem to be the case.

“If I’m not mistaken, there’s something else that Tyler is after. You Harmons have something important.

“Something that he can only plot to get his hands on in secret, but can’t forcefully take it from you openly,” Dustin reminded.

“Something important, but must be kept secret.” Hector’s eyes widened after thinking for a while.

“Could it be… the treasure map?”

“That should be it!” Natasha nodded.

“Only the head of the family knows where the treasure map is. That’s why Kate is going through so much trouble to get Uncle Trent to replace you!

“She’s helping Tyler find out where the map is! That traitor! How could she betray the family and help an outsider?”

It was one thing if it was an Internal family strife. But what Kate had done was much worse.

She chose to help an outsider and willingly gave up the family’s most valuable treasure. It was despicable!

“If this is really because of the map, things will only get even more complicated.” Hector frowned, falling deep in his thoughts.

The treasure that the Harmon ancestors had buried was invaluable.

With Tyler’s wild ambition, he might use it to make himself a ruler if he were to get his hands on it. The consequences would be unthinkable if that were to happen.

“So he prompted Kate to divide the Harmon family and wait to reap the benefits. How cunning of him!”

Dustin squinted. He had to admit that Tyler had the brains, brawns, and, most importantly, scheming wit.

He had planned to get Trent to replace Hector as the head of the family after his plan for a marriage alliance with Natasha didn’t work out.

Then, he would use Trent to get his hands on the map. Every step of his was a calculated move.

The most crucial point was that he had remained hidden behind the scenes. Nobody knew that he was the mastermind behind everything. That was the most alarming thing.

“Dad, we can’t let them have the map. The Harmon family is in a mess right now.

“They don’t seem to know right from wrong anymore. To be safe, I plan to start anew,” Natasha said with determination.

“There’s nothing wrong with taking precautions, but do you know how hard it will be to start anew?” Hector asked seriously.

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