Chapter 885

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The Harmons have strived for over a hundred years to get where they are now. If Natasha were to start over, it would be tough on her.

“Don’t worry, Dad. I have confidence in succeeding when it comes to business.” Natasha was sure of herself.

“What are your plans?” Hector asked.

“I don’t see much potential in Millsburg. I plan to go to Oakvale. I’ll make it big there with Immortunol,” Natasha declared in high spirits.

“Oakvale?” Hector’s brows pinched together.

“But you don’t have any connections in Oakvale. I’m afraid things will be hard for you there.”

“Dad, have you forgotten that Grandfather works in Oakvale? Nobody will dare mess with me with him there!” Natasha chuckled.

“Seems like you’ve already thought things through.” Hector nodded with relief.

“If that’s the case, I wish you all the best.‘

With Natasha’s abilities and full support from Mr. Ballard Senior, it would be easier for her to set up a new company in Oakvale and succeed.

The Harmon family’s future would all depend on her now.

At Stoneray Valley, the Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples waited anxiously outside a ward.

Since Edith went unconscious, they had rushed to Stoneray Valley overnight for help.

Unfortunately for them, Linden was out. As he wasn’t in Stoneray Valley and unable to help them, they could only turn to the elders of Stoneray Order for help.

The door suddenly creaked open.

An elderly man with a white beard walked out covered in sweat, and behind him was a disciple of the Stoneray Order.

“How are things, Elder Ferngray? Is Madam Edith alright?” Brittany stepped forward and asked.

“I’m sorry, but Madam Parker has gone to extremes in training. Her circulatory pathways have been broken, and she has suffered severe internal injuries. I’m afraid there’s nothing much we can do.”

Elder Ferngray shook his head. “From the look of things, Madam Parker might not survive

past the three–day mark. You should all be prepared for the worst.

“What?” The crowd paled.

Edith was head of the sisterhood and halfway to becoming a grandmaster. How could she die from going to extremes in training?

“Elder Ferngray, you’re an elder in the Stoneray Order. How can you not be able to help her?” Brittany refused to accept reality.

“It is a big mistake for martial artists to go to extremes. The stronger they are, the worse the consequences.

“There are only two ways of treating Madam Parker’s internal injuries. First, you have to get help from a miracle doctor. Then, she might survive with the help of medications made from precious herbs.

“Or, you can seek help from a powerful grandmaster. He must use all of his cultivation to rebuild Madam Edith’s circulatory pathway.

“But both options are too hard to achieve now.” Elder Ferngray sighed.

It was difficult to find a miracle doctor. A grandmaster would be even harder to get.

Their last hope was Linden. But now that he wasn’t in Stoneray Valley, they could do nothing.

“How can that be? Is there no hope for Madam Edith anymore?” Brittany paled and looked dejected.

She hadn’t mastered the Jade Maiden Scripture yet. How was she to inherit Madam Edith’s position as leader of the sisterhood?

“Everyone, I know a genius miracle doctor. If he’s willing to help you, Madam Edith might just have a chance of surviving.” The disciple of the Stoneray Order spoke up.

“A genius miracle doctor? Who’s that?” Brittany’s eyes lit up.

The other Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples also shared expectant looks among themselves. “He’s the honorary elder of the Stoneray Order–Dustin Rhys!”

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