Chapter 875

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“I will break your legs for humiliating Edith!” Letitia’s gaze turned cold.

She shot toward Dustin like a ghost. As a divine–level marital artist, her skills were second only to Edith and comparable to several elders of the Jade Maiden Sisterhood.

“Go to hell!” Cornelius‘ expression darkened when he saw Letitia trying to attack Dustin.

He replicated Letitia’s palm attack with equal force, resulting in a loud collision. He staggered a few steps back before steadying himself.

But Letitia was sent flying a few meters away before crashing heavily into a large tree. It was like a car had hit her.

The force left her coughing blood uncontrollably.

“What?” The expressions of the Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples fell.

Letitia’s skills ranked among the top five of the Jade Maiden Sisterhood members. None of the disciples could match her power.

Yet, she was severely injured by a skinny old man. It was astonishing!

Even Edith appeared unsettled at that moment. They didn’t expect Zephyr Lodge to have such. a strong fighter.

“You should know your place!” Cornelius sneered before returning to Dustin’s side.

After collecting herself, Brittany roared, “How… how dare you hurt Madam Letitia? Your crimes are horrible!

“Dustin Rhys! I order you to apologize to Madam Letitia immediately and slap that old man. Otherwise, I will get mad!”

Dustin didn’t respond to her and looked Edith straight in the eye. “Madam Parker, first things. first, please get the situation straight.

“I’m not a member of your guild. I will not let you act as you like.

“Secondly, everyone can tell right from wrong. You allowed your disciples to twist and distort. the truth. It will lead to your downfall sooner or later.

“Lastly, let me remind you. This is my territory. I’m in charge here.

“I welcome your presence as guests. But if you continue creating disturbances with your arrogance and domineering attitude, don’t blame me for throwing all of you out of here!”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Edith’s temper flared at his words.

She was the leader of the Jade Maiden Sisterhood with more than ten thousand disciples!

No matter where she went, she was the center of attention. She had never been humiliated like this before.

“Why wouldn’t I? I only let you stay here because of Nikki. But now you have angered me. All of you, leave!” Dustin ordered, glaring at them firmly.

“You-!” Edith was furious that her face flushed red. The veins on her face were bulging.

Suddenly, she coughed up blood and nearly collapsed.

She was already severely injured from going to extremes in training. Her internal energy and blood surging only worsen her condition.

Seeing that she was no match for Dustin, Edith suddenly turned to Nikki. “Y–you traitor!”

She yelled, “I’ve treated you well all this time, yet you conspired with an outsider to humiliate. me!”

Those words struck Nikki like a lightning bolt, and she froze to the spot. She collapsed to her knees with a thud when the shock wore off.

She begged Edith, “Madam Edith, I was wrong. I admit to the crimes. You can punish me as you see fit. Please don’t kick me out!”

“It’s too late!” Edith dropped her kind act.

Her expression was stern. “From today onward, I am no longer your mentor. And you are no longer a disciple of the Jade Maiden Sisterhood.

“Now, get out of here!”

“This is my home. If anyone is leaving, it is all of you,” Dustin stated.

Edith’s expression stiffened before she coughed up another mouthful of blood. She was irritated to the point she fainted on the spot.

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