Chapter 874

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It was Cornelius who saved Nikki.

When Dustin yelled, Cornelius appeared in front of them instantly. He grabbed the iron whip

and broke it in half.

“How dare you!”

“You insolent bastard!”

The Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples shouted. They were angry at Dustin and Cornelius for disrupting the punishment. Some took out their swords, looking ready to fight.

Duistin ignored them and walked up to Nikki. His expression darkened when he saw her covered in wounds and looking close to death.

It was one thing to steal credit; Dustin could have acted as if nothing happened. But now they had falsely accused a person and resorted to torture when things turned bad.

It was outrageous!

“All of you are fellow disciples. Do you think it’s appropriate to use such inhumane methods?” Dustin scanned his surroundings, his gaze sharp.

“We are punishing a traitor. Outsiders should leave immediately!” Letitia warned.

“This is my territory. Naturally, it is my business when something has happened,” Dustin uttered coldly.

“Hey! I’m ordering you not to be a busybody! You won’t want to get involved!” Brittany’s gaze was hostile.

Dustin was silent and squatted down. He helped Nikki, who was very weak, up and fed her Haemotrol to help with her injuries.

He asked, “What happened? Why did they hit you?”

“They said there’s something wrong with the Jade Maiden Scripture and that Madam Edith had went to extremes in training. They’re so sure that I harmed her when I’m innocent. I didn’t do anything.”

Nikki was pale and weak. She kept shaking her head. Even when severely injured, she hoped to

clear herself of the blame.

“I understand. Leave this to me.” Dustin nodded. When he looked up once again, his gaze was


“All of you are too much for using such methods getting the situation straight.”

“She had evil motives and intended to betray the guild. She deserves to be whipped to death!” Letitia roared.

“Betray the guild? Do you have evidence?” Dustin countered.

“The Jade Maiden Scripture is the evidence!”

Leitita looked menacing. “This disciple had malicious thoughts when she presented us with a fake scripture. After Edith underwent training, she went to extremes and was in harm’s way.” “Wait.” Dustin raised a hand to stop her.

“You must have gotten it wrong. I clearly remember Brittany was the one who presented the Jade Maiden Scripture to you. You should be asking why she harmed Madam Edith!”

“Y–you! What nonsense are you spouting?” Brittany’s expression shifted dramatically. She was unable to stay calm.

“Did I say anything wrong?”

Dustin glanced coldly at her. “You took charge completely this morning and said through a lot of trouble to get your hands on the Jade Maiden Scripture.

you went

“Now that something has happened, you pushed the blame onto Nikki. You’re such a master at blaming someone else!”

“Shut up!” Brittany was flustered.

“Another word of nonsense out your mouth, and I’ll retract your chance of being my fanboy!”

“Madam Parker, you were at the scene today as well. You should be clear about what happened. if you haven’t lost your memories.”

Dustin turned his attention to Edith. “It’s Brittany at fault, and yet you pushed the blame toward Nikki. I wonder if you’re acting dumb or just playing favorites.”

Edith’s lips twisted into a frown at Dustin’s words. She couldn’t believe someone dared. challenge her authority. This bastard was asking for death!

“You insolent bastard! How dare you judge Edith with your status?” Letitia roared.

“I’m just seeking justice.” Dustin had his arms behind his back as he glowered at them.

“The Jade Maiden Sisterhood is a legitimate guild. If word gets out that this is how you handle matters, you will be the joke of the town.”

“How dare you?” Edith couldn’t hold back any longer.

She angrily screamed, “Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you point fingers at us? Grab him!”

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