Chapter 873

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“Stop pretending! If it weren’t because you harbored ill intentions, Edith wouldn’t have gotten hurt!” Letitia shrieked.

“It wasn’t me!” Nikki shook her head repeatedly.

“I didn’t do anything. I passed the Jade Maiden Scripture to Brittany right after I got it!”

“Shut up!” Brittany’s expression shifted upon hearing her. She rushed up and slapped Nikki’s

face two times.

She screamed, “You bitch! How dare you slander me? It’s you who planned this!”

“Exactly! We all saw it! You were the one who handed the Jade Maiden Scripture over to Brittany!”

“It seems like it’s true that you can never know someone completely. I can’t believe you would be so bold to harm Madam Edith!” One after the other, the group of disciples condemned Nikki.

“I didn’t! I didn’t! I would never harm Madam Edith!” Nikki panicked. She struggled to get up but was unable to move.

“You bitch! Are you still trying to deny it? It seems like you still won’t learn a lesson. Punish her with torture!” Letitia ordered.

Soon, a few disciples of the disciplinary board pinned Nikki forcefully to the ground. A thorny iron whip soaked in chili pepper water was brought out.

The iron whip was specially crafted to break through Divine Aura. A few lashes were enough to overwhelm a skilled divine–level martial artist.

“Let me ask you again. Do you plead guilty?” Letitia growled.

“No! I didn’t do anything! I’m innocent!” Nikki gritted her teeth, her gaze unyielding.

You brought this upon yourself! Torture her!” Letitia gestured to the disciples.

“Yes, madam!” The disciplinary disciple answered her and swung the iron whip down forcefully.

A crisp whack echoed as the thorny iron whip struck Nikki’s back hard. Instantly, her clothes. tore, and flesh gaped through her skin, covering her in blood.

Nikki endured the pain. She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists tightly.

The disciplinary disciple showed no mercy. She delivered whip after whip, each strike landing heavily.

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Soon, Nikki was covered in injuries. Although she was evidently in pain and was breaking out in cold sweat, she refused to yield.

She continued to deny and defend herself from the claims.

“Do you plead guilty?” Letitia’s expression was cold.

“No! I’m innocent!” Nikki looked at Edith pleadingly.

“Madam Edith, my loyalty is unwavering. I will never betray the guild. Please investigate clearly into it!”

Edith’s gaze was frosty as she remained silent. It was as if she didn’t hear her.

“Keep going!” Letitia raised her hand again.

“Let me do it!” Brittany volunteered, her gaze turning cold.

She grabbed the iron whip from the disciplinary disciple, wanting to torture Nikki personally.

Since she was more skilled, her blows were more forceful. Each lash that came down left Nikki groaning in pain as her face twisted in agony.

“This is your punishment for harming others! I dare you to harm others again! I’m going to cleanse our ranks today!”

As Brittany whipped Nikki, her lips twisted into an evil smirk. She was acting based on a personal grudge.

After the torture, Nikki was covered in welts. Her back was so injured that it was hard to differentiate between flesh and blood.

It was a gruesome sight.

Yet, the Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples looked at the sight coldly. Not a single person felt sorry for her.

“Stop right there!” Suddenly, they heard a loud voice.

At the same time, someone grabbed the iron whip from Brittany’s hands, breaking it on the


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