Chapter 854

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“If you don’t stab me today, you won’t get the chance again,” Dustin reminded Nikki.

As he spoke, he slowly pulled out the sword in his abdomen and tossed it back to her.

“Hmph! I don’t need you to tell me what to do! I’m here to say goodbye to my brother, so I’ll let you live to see another day. When I’m in a bad mood again, I’ll come to end your life!”

Nikki elbowed past Dustin and stormed toward the House of Heroes.

‘Sir Rhys, why didn’t you dodge just now? That woman is horrible. What if you got hurt?” Cornelius was very concerned.

“I owe her that.” Dustin shook his head while looking serious.

Every time he remembered Nelson’s horrible death, he felt remorse and guilt.

At least he felt slightly better after that stab.

“Sir Rhys, let’s bandage your wound.” Cornelius sighed softly. Then, he waved a disciple over and asked him to treat Dustin’s injury.

As the gang leader, Dustin was deeply caring and loyal. Of course, that was a good thing.

But to become a hero and lead the Kirin Gang to glory, these traits would become burdens instead.

An hour later, Dustin was all bandaged up. He sat in the meeting room, waiting quietly.

After a moment, Nikki entered the meeting room. Her eyes were red, and she’d been crying earlier.

When she saw Dustin, she immediately wiped the tear tracks from the corner of her eyes and raised her head. “Hey, just because I stabbed you earlier doesn’t mean this is over. You’ll never make it up to my brother!”

“I know,” Dustin said with a nod. He gestured to a chair and said, “Sit down and have some water.”

“Alright.” Just as Nikki was about to sit, she suddenly jumped up. “You think you can ask me to sit, and I’ll listen? Do I even know you?”

“In that case, you can talk while standing,” Dustin said indifferently.

“Hmph! Well, I want to sit!” Nikki sat down huffily, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

She was trying to make it difficult for Dustin.

“Are the people who killed my brother dead?” Nikki asked coldly.

“They’re dead. Their heads are in the House of Heroes,” Dustin answered honestly.

“Hmph, at least you have enough decency to take revenge for my brother.” Nikki calmed down slightly.

If Dustin said no, she would have stabbed him again.

“I can tell you’re not an ordinary person. May I ask where you’re stationed?” Dustin asked carefully.

“Do you know the Jade Maiden Sisterhood of Oakvale?” Nikki said while looking proud.

“The Jade Maiden Sisterhood?” Dustin shook his head. “I haven’t heard of it. Are they powerful?”

“Don’t be stupid! Of course, we are!” Nikki said with a glare.

“The Jade Maiden Sisterhood has over ten thousand disciples. We are on par with the Valley of Joy and the White Clouds. We are one of the three major women’s guilds of Oakvale!”

“I see. I guess I was unknowledgeable.” Dustin raised his head slightly and continued, “There must be another reason the Jade Maiden Sisterhood suddenly came to the Southern province.”

“How did you know?” Nikki knitted her eyebrows while looking at Dustin suspiciously.

She had come to Balerno with her master to search for the guild’s missing treasure.

When she found out about her brother’s death, she rushed over.

“It was just a guess.” Dustin took a sip from his cup.

News of Nelson’s death had only been released this morning.

The Jade Maiden Sisterhood was based in Oakvale. If they had just received word today, there was no way they could reach here so quickly.

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