Chapter 853

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The woman’s eyes widened. Knowing she was in trouble, she used her sword to block.

The white beam hit the blade, forcing the woman backward. She almost tripped and fell.

Blood dripped from her mouth. The hand that was gripping the sword was numb. She couldn’t


“Who are you? Why are you stopping me?!” The woman frowned with a dark expression.

She didn’t know such a skilled martial artist would be hiding in this lowly Kirin Gang.

“I’ll kill you for trying to assassinate our gang leader!”

Cornelius was about to attack again when Dustin stopped him. “Young lady, who are you? Why did you try to kill me when you got here?”

“You killed my brother! I’m here to take revenge!” the woman said indignantly.

“Your brother? Are you from the Killian family?” Dustin’s eyes flashed coldly.

“The Killian family? My name is Horst, Nikki Horst!” the woman shouted.

“Nikki Horst? Then your brother must be …” Dustin’s eyebrows knitted.

“My brother is Nelson Horst!” Nikki’s words shocked the audience.

Cornelius was taken aback then he looked confused. “So you’re Sir Nelson’s little sister. But why do you want to kill our gang leader?”

Nelson had a deep respect for Dustin. Nikki should have shared the same feelings toward Dustin. So why did she try to kill him on sight?

“Dustin caused my brother to die! Of course, I want to kill him!” Nikki gritted her teeth.

“Nonsense! The enemy was the one responsible for Sir Nelson’s death. Our leader has avenged him. Did someone mislead you?” Cornelius frowned.

“Misled? Hmph! If it wasn’t for him, would my brother have died?” Nikki said resentfully.

“I am indeed responsible for your brother’s death. I didn’t protect him,” Dustin said sorrowfully.

He’d always felt guilty over what happened to Nelson.

“You finally admit it! Since my brother died because of you, you can repay him with your life!” Nikki screamed angrily. She brandished her sword again and stabbed him.

The attack was so sudden and quick.

Cornelius was unprepared, so he didn’t react in time. Of course, Dustin would be fine without his help anyway.

Just as everyone thought Dustin would retaliate against Nikki’s attack, the sharp blade pierced Dustin’s abdomen.

Blood dripped down the blade.

Cornelius and the entire gang were stunned. Even Nikki was dumbfounded.

No one expected Dustin to take that blow.

“Why didn’t you dodge?” Nikki was stunned.

Even if Dustin wasn’t as strong as her, he should at least try, right? Yet, the man before her stood still and let her stab him like he was asking for death.

It was indeed unexpected.

“I am to blame for Nelson’s death. I am willing to take this sword,” Dustin said. He stood there quietly without protest.

“Are you not afraid you’d die?” Nikki frowned.

“If you wanted to kill me, you would have aimed for my heart, not my stomach.” Dustin shook his head.

Although Nikki had been hostile, she wasn’t exuding much murderous intent.

She was here to stand up for her brother.

“Nonsense! I just messed up my aim earlier!” Nikki insisted.

“In that case, you can stab me again. Aim for the heart.” Dustin pointed at his chest.

“You’re you’re insane!” Nikki was so scared she took a few steps back. She felt exasperated. She’d never met someone like this before. He was simply a psycho!

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