Chapter 1138

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“Old dog Watanabe, you still want to run wild here, do you have the ability?”

Murong Zhenguo slowly straightened his back, with murderous intent in his eyes: “I could beat you to the point where you were covered with teeth thirty years ago, and I can still do it now.”

“Old friend, don’t be so pushy. You can hide it from others, but you can’t hide it from me.”

Watanabe sneered and shook his head: “After years of fighting, your body has long been riddled with holes. Coupled with the explosion just now and my full-strength palm strike, you are now seriously injured. I’m afraid you can’t even stand up.” Bar?”

“If you don’t believe it, you can come forward and try it?”

Murong Zhenguo stretched out his hand to beckon, as if you were ready to come over.

Watanabe Xiong glanced up and down, and was not in a hurry to attack, but continued to test his words: “Old friend, how are you? Your son’s death is heartbreaking, right? In the past five years, I have secretly spent a lot of energy in cultivating him. Unfortunately, it’s still a little bit worse.”

“It turns out that it’s you, the old dog, who’s doing this!”

Murong Zhenguo gritted his teeth and his breathing became rapid: “Every wrong has its owner, and every debt has its owner. If you have any hatred, just come at me. Why are you plotting against my son?!”

“Hahaha… It’s too difficult to kill you head-on, so I can only start from your weakness. Your youngest son Murong Hai is the biggest weakness.”

Watanabe Xiong grinned: “Oh, by the way, there is one more thing I forgot to tell you. Murong Hai’s wife, the woman who hanged herself in the General’s Mansion five years ago, she – is actually my daughter!”

“You…what did you say?”

Murong Zhenguo trembled, a little unbelievable.

“How is it? Are you surprised?”

Watanabe Xiong smiled even more happily: “In order to plot against you, I deliberately let my daughter get close to your son, making him fall in love and unable to extricate himself. When the time is right, I will order my daughter to hang herself to lay the plan. , so that you two, father and son, turn against each other and fight to the death, this plan is so perfect!”


Murong Zhenguo was furious: “In order to take revenge, you didn’t even spare your own daughter. Are you still a human being?!”

“What about my daughter? In our Golden Crow Kingdom, women are like objects and can be discarded at any time. It is her honor for my daughter to sacrifice for my revenge plan. No matter what, she at least succeeded and played her part. It deserves its due value.” Watanabe didn’t care.

Those who achieve great things must be ruthless.

What does a dead daughter mean?

“Bullshit! I’ll kill you!”

Murong Zhenguo’s eyes widened and he suddenly stepped forward and hit Watanabe Xiong with a palm.

Watanabe Yui’s eyes narrowed and he struck out with the same palm.

The iron palms of the two great masters collided in the air.


There was a loud noise all over.

The violent energy exploded instantly, and a wave of Gangqi swept away in all directions with the impact point as the center.

Some unlucky ones who were close were blown away and fell heavily to the ground, vomiting blood.


Watanabe was shaken by a palm and moved more than ten meters. His feet plowed out two deep marks on the ground.

On the other hand, Murong Zhenguo only took two steps back to stabilize his figure.

Which one is strong and which one is weak is clear at a glance.

“Go to hell!”

When Murong Zhenguo was about to take action again, his body suddenly trembled, and with a “wow” sound, he spit out a large mouthful of blood.

The whole person staggered and almost fell.

He was already seriously injured, and just by forcing his luck, he was undoubtedly more injured.


Seeing this scene, Watanabe Oo couldn’t help laughing out loud: “Old friend, you are really in trouble.”

Fortunately, the opponent was injured in advance, otherwise he might not have been able to block the slap just now.


Murong Zhenguo gritted his teeth and felt the blood surge in his body, making him feel weak.

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