Chapter 1132

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The entire banquet hall suddenly fell silent.

Everyone was stunned when they saw Rakshasa being knocked away by a punch.

Everyone’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Who is Rakshasa?

A well-known strong man in Tianzhu Kingdom and a true master of martial arts.

Such a being was actually punched to the ground by Chase Lu?

How can it be? !

“Damn it! This kid is so powerful? Is it true?”

“Looking at how thin he is, I didn’t expect him to be so powerful.”

“It’s true that people can’t be judged by appearances, and sea water can’t be measured!”

After a brief silence, the entire scene was in an uproar.

They initially thought Lu Chen was looking for death, but now they realized that the other party was hiding something secret.

“No way? Is this kid a martial arts master?” Murong Cheng looked shocked.

He had just personally experienced how powerful Rakshasa was.

With just one move, he was defeated without any resistance.

But now, Lu Chen can actually defeat Rakshasa. In other words, the opponent is at least the master level!

Because only a martial arts master can defeat a martial arts master.

Having said that, this result is really scary.

The martial arts master in his twenties is simply the most evil of evils!

Looking at the entire Jiangnan, they are all unique!

Thinking of the previous contempt and disdain, he felt his scalp numb.

If he could get through the difficulties today, he would have to reposition the relationship between the two parties.

“Hmph! What’s so great? It’s just some dirty tricks! If Lu Chen hadn’t carried out a sneak attack just now, how could he have beaten Rakshasa?”

After being slightly stunned, Chu Jie quickly showed a dissatisfied expression again.

“That’s right! He took action before he was ready. He didn’t respect martial ethics at all. It’s really despicable!” Liu Yannan also raised questions.

In their opinion, it was because Chase Lu made a sneak attack and took advantage of others’ unpreparedness to attack suddenly, so they were lucky enough to defeat Rakshasa.

This kind of behavior is simply despicable and shameless, and has no masterly demeanor.

Chu Jie’s words aroused a lot of suspicion.

In any case, it was indeed Lu Chen who attacked first, so even if he won, it would be disgraceful.

“I didn’t expect there was a master hidden in the General’s Mansion. I made a mistake.”

Murong Hai looked up and down, his expression a little more solemn.

Ordinary people don’t know the truth, but he knows it very well.

Lu Chen’s punch just now clearly had the strength of a martial arts master.

Because ordinary warriors cannot break Rakshasa’s defense at all.

So even if it was a sneak attack, it wouldn’t hurt him at all.

Lu Chen can defeat Rakshasa with one punch, which is enough to show his strength.

“Murong Hai, stop it, you are destined to fail today.” Lu Chen said calmly.

“Failed? Hahaha…”

Murong Hai smiled, as if he had heard a big joke: “Young man, you have overestimated yourself. I have been planning a plan for five years, how can you alone defeat it?”

“What? What other trump cards do you have?” Chase Lu asked.

“Want to see my trump card? Okay…then I’ll make it happen for you!”

Murong Hai said and suddenly raised his hand.

A black ball the size of a fist shot out of his sleeve and hit Lu Chen directly in the face.

Lu Chen narrowed his eyes slightly and raised his hand to punch.


There was a loud bang, and the black ball was blown up on the spot.

However, at the moment it exploded, a large golden net suddenly shot out from inside.

The golden net covered Lu Chen with lightning speed, and then rotated and locked, trapping him firmly.


Lu Chen frowned and tried to struggle a few times, but was surprised to find that his own strength could not break through this golden net.

“This is… a dragon-tying rope?!”

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