Chapter 1130

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Murong Hai’s plain words held an undeniable weight.

Everyone was gripped by fear, trembling.

Their gaze collectively fixed on Murong Zhenguo.

As the figure of highest authority and influence present, the old general’s stance would determine the fate of the entire family.

“Traitor! You murdered your own kin, brought calamity upon this clan, and committed treason. And now you have the audacity to demand an explanation from me? Do you truly see yourself as a victim?!” Murong Zhenguo thundered with a resolute tone.

He had always believed Caden to be his most promising successor.

With valor, cunning, and sagacity, he could lead the family to glory.

It was a lamentable fate that the most exceptional son had strayed, creating a rift with the family.

In his anger, there was also sorrow.

“Father, you must acknowledge that it was your actions that drove me to this. If you hadn’t driven my wife to her death, I would never have embarked on this path,” Murong Hai stated with measured composure.

“That woman’s demise is linked to me, so what if it is? She deserved it!” Murong Zhenguo declared, his countenance stern.


Murong Hai let out a bitter laugh. “My lord, she is your daughter-in-law, do you truly believe she deserved to die?”

“She is my daughter-in-law, but she is also an agent of the enemy nation, and even more so, an adversary of our Dragon Kingdom!”

Murong Zhenguo bellowed sternly. “Do you comprehend the toll these spies take? Because of them, countless valiant men in our Dragon Kingdom perish unjustly on the battlefield!”

“She has repented, she never harmed anyone, why? Why didn’t you give her a chance?” Murong Hai’s agitation was palpable.

“She might not have harmed others, but she harmed you!”

Murong Zhenguo struck the table. “You could have had a bright future, but look at you now. Neither human nor ghost. You’re nothing but a stain on the General’s Office!”

He would back Caden’s pursuit of love, even if it meant choosing a path outside of the right lineage.

Even if he were a pauper, as long as it brought his son happiness, he would endorse it.

But spies were a different matter.

“I care not for the future. I only want her by my side, I only want her alive!”

Murong Hai’s voice dripped with anger. “It was you – you drove her to her death! You killed my wife! It’s all your doing!”

“Beast! Don’t you see? That woman was a menace to you. Even in death, she won’t release you!”

Murong Zhenguo unveiled the stark truth. “I contemplated ending her life, but I did not force her to die. For your sake, I once offered her a chance at life.

But this woman is cunning and malevolent. In her bid to dismantle you and slay the finest heir to the general’s residence, she didn’t hesitate to wield her own life as bait, setting a trap to drive a wedge between father and son!

Our strife, father and son, is all due to her!

Wake up! Cease this stubbornness!”

Even now, a glimmer of hope lingered, wishing for his son’s return.

“Nonsense! You’re lying!”

Murong Hai seemed like a cat with its tail stepped on, his rage instant: “Murong Zhenguo! You pushed my wife to her death, and now you’re slandering her. You’re nothing but a beast!”

“Third brother! Father speaks the truth, I can attest!”

Caden chimed in once more. “I know everything about what transpired. Although she was a spy, Dad spared her for your sake. But I never imagined she would choose death willingly just to inflict harm on others. It’s madness!”

“Yes! We can all vouch for it!”

At that moment, everyone in the Murong family nodded in agreement.

What occurred was indeed a misunderstanding, or rather, the woman orchestrated her own demise to sow discord.

As a result, father and son now stood at odds.

“Enough! Silence, all of you!”

Murong Hai roared with fury, his visage twisted with ferocity: “You’re a den of vipers and rats, of course you’d side with Murong Zhenguo! If not for your coercion, my wife would never have left me willingly. You bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites, today, I will exact the price from you!”

With a decisive gesture, he commanded, “Seize them all!”

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