Chapter 1123

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The atmosphere at the scene quickly became lively.

“The General Soldier from Jinzhou came to visit and wish the veteran general good fortune like the East China Sea and longevity as long as the Southern Mountains!”

“Li Chengshou from Jin City came to visit and wish the old general Longma good health and good health!”

“The chairman of Hedong Group came to visit and wished the veteran general all the best and good luck every year!”


Following the shouts of the attendants, well-dressed dignitaries arrived one after another.

Among them were commanding General Soldiers, city leaders, affluent individuals, and influential figures from various walks of life.

These guests came in admiration, presenting a variety of rare treasures as gifts.

“Thank you all for gracing us with your presence. Please, take a seat.”

As the head of the family, Murong Shan took the initiative to stand up and began to welcome the guests.

Caden responded to everyone’s well-wishes with a warm smile.

“Third Master is here!”

At this moment, there was another hearty exclamation.

All eyes turned towards the door in unison.

A middle-aged man in pristine white attire, exuding an air of heroism, entered with measured steps.

Following him were two cloaked figures, their features shrouded in mystery.

“Well, isn’t this the youngest son of the old general, Murong Hai?”

“I heard that Murong Hai had a falling out with his family and hasn’t been heard from in years. Who would have thought he’d return today?”

“It’s only right for a son to return and celebrate his father’s birthday.”

The guests couldn’t help but murmur as they observed the man in white.

Murong Zhenguo had three sons: Murong Shan, the eldest; Caden, the second; and Murong Hai, the third.

Of the three, Murong Hai was the most exceptional. He was known for his bravery and resourcefulness, even being designated as the family’s heir at one point.

However, for reasons unknown, Murong Hai relinquished his position, left home, and disappeared for five years.

Today marked his long-awaited return.

“Third brother?”

Seeing him clearly, Murong Shan couldn’t hide his joy and rushed to greet him. “Third brother, after all these years, you’ve finally returned!”

With that, he enveloped Murong Hai in a warm embrace.

“Brother, it’s been too long. How have you fared all these years?” Murong Hai smiled gently.

“Very well… exceptionally well!”

Caden patted his shoulder and grinned. “We haven’t seen each other in years, and you’ve grown even stronger. That’s truly wonderful!”

“Third brother, if you were back, why didn’t you inform us in advance?” Caden also approached with a smile.

“Second brother, I’ve just arrived. I wanted to surprise you. You’re not angry, are you?” Murong Hai quipped.

“It’s never too late for me to be delighted by your return. How could I be angry? As they say, brothers united can conquer mountains. With you back, the three of us can achieve greatness together in the future!” Caden declared, beaming.

“Alright, let’s not dwell on that for now.”

Murong Shan interjected, then led Murong Hai to their father, Murong Zhenguo, and said with a smile, “Dad, guess who’s back?”

“Dad, I’m here to celebrate your birthday.”

Murong Hai held out his gift with both hands, offering it respectfully.

Murong Zhenguo didn’t reach out to take it, but instead, he let out a chilly snort. “You left home long ago. Do you now have the audacity to return?”

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