Chapter 1117

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Murong Shan nodded abruptly. “Alright, I’ll entrust this matter to you. Gather a few formidable masters and deal with that lad Caden!”

Why resort to using a butcher’s blade on a chicken? Why act personally when it can be resolved with coin?

“No problem,” Sheila Murray smirked.

After all, it was Murong Shanxia’s directive. If things went awry, the old man couldn’t fault her.

The following day, in the morning.

There was already a bustling atmosphere in front of General Murong’s residence.

A continuous flow of guests came and went.

Today marked Murong Zhenguo’s birthday.

Noteworthy figures from various spheres and dignitaries all made their way to the occasion.

Though Murong Zhenguo had retired from the forefront, he was once a highly esteemed minister with influence both in governance and amongst the populace.

His disciples and mentees were scattered worldwide.

Across the whole of Jiangnan, none harbored discontent or disrespect towards him.

It’s just that Murong Zhenguo always maintained a modest profile and eschewed extravagance, hence he only extended invitations to a handful of kith and kin whenever he celebrated his birthday.

Naturally, there were some uninvited guests.

At this juncture, at the gates of the General’s Residence.

A black car gradually came to a halt.

The car door swung open, and Dustin descended with Cornelius, a gift in hand.

“Master Dustin, you gave Garrett quite the beating last night, and today you’re here to commemorate his birthday. Are you not afraid the Murong family might turn against you?” Cornelius couldn’t help but inquire.

The General’s Residence was heavily fortified, akin to a fortress. Once inside, exiting would not be a simple task.

“The old general is a reasonable man. I trust he should discern right from wrong,” Dustin stated composedly.

Tit for tat, his altercation with Garrett didn’t impede Murong Zhenguo from celebrating his birthday.

“That’s the best scenario,” Cornelius remarked with solemnity.

He hoped that Murong Zhenguo would be level-headed, but he feared the other party might be blinded by affection for his grandson and act unreasonably.

In that case, they’d be walking into a snare.

“Let’s go.”

Dustin didn’t waste words. After presenting the invitation, he and Cornelius entered the General’s Residence.

The number of guests allowed inside the General’s Residence was limited, but each one was a prominent figure.

Either a high-ranking official of the royal court, a wealthy magnate, or a regional powerhouse.

Today’s ostensibly ordinary banquet was, in fact, top-tier in Jiangnan.


As Dustin stepped into the banquet hall, he encountered a few familiar faces.

There stood Sheila Murray, Vivian, Chase Johnson, and others.

Initially engrossed in jovial conversation, their expressions froze upon seeing Dustin at the entrance.

“You…why are you here?” Sheila Murray was momentarily taken aback.

Since parting ways with Chase Dustin the previous night, she had been feeling a sense of emptiness, nearly sleepless throughout the night. Now, suddenly encountering him, she felt a bit overwhelmed.

“Your name’s Dustin! You have quite the audacity! How dare you grace the general’s residence with your presence? I reckon you’re weary of living!” Vivian exclaimed, leaping to her feet and delivering a sharp rebuke.

“There’s a path to heaven if you don’t enter, but once you trespass, there’s no way out of hell. No one can save you today!” Chase Johnson sneered.

Where were they? The renowned General’s Residence!

Guarded by towering walls and an occupying army, it was famed for being as impenetrable as a fortress, as secure as a treasury.

It was also the most heavily fortified location in the entire southern province.

This Dustin character dared to intrude; it was akin to a moth darting into the flame, sealing his own fate!

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