Chapter 1115

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Sheila Murray chuckled at herself. “If you truly considered me a friend, why did you harm my cousin? Why did you abduct me? Why did you do all of this?!”


Dustin was momentarily lost for words.

He had mentioned the altercation twice, but it was clear that Sheila Murray didn’t believe him.

In essence, she had already marked him as a wrongdoer.

No matter how he tried to explain now, no matter how he attempted to vindicate himself, it seemed futile.

Once doubt takes root, trust withers away completely.

This was something he had long come to realise.

“What? Cat got your tongue? Do you even understand that you’re in the wrong?”

“It appears my father was correct. Everything you did before was a sham, a means to an end. It was all about seeking advancement and prestige!”

“I thought you were different, someone special, not like those ordinary folk consumed by vanity.”

“But now, I see I was mistaken, gravely so.”

“There’s no difference between you and those who insincerely approached me. You’re just better at masking your true intentions and duping people.”

“You deceived me to the point where I couldn’t discern the truth, and you nearly turned against my family!”

“Dustin! I despise you! I despise you!”

Sheila Murray almost shouted the last sentence, her tears streaming uncontrollably.

She had given her trust sincerely, believing she would receive sincerity in return, but what she ultimately received was deceit.

She couldn’t fathom, what had she done wrong?

Faced with her accusation, Dustin hesitated for a moment, then shook his head with a bitter smile.

He knew Sheila Murray had already made her choice.

In the end, when it came down to it, she chose family over him, over everything.

There was no fault in that, so there was no use in being angry.

“Miss Sheila, I regret that I let you down.”

Dustin offered no explanation, made no attempt to clear his name, only his gaze turned gradually colder. “You’re right, I am a vain and ordinary person, but I never lied to you. Of course, that’s irrelevant now.

I have nothing more to say to you. Just take extra care in the future, be wary of those around you, or you might find yourself hurt.”

“Now, you’re safe and sound, and I owe an explanation to the old general.”

“The path ahead is yours alone to tread, and no one can walk it for you.”

“Take care, and perhaps our paths will cross again…”

With that, Dustin turned and walked away, showing no sign of hesitation.

As they passed, an aura of authority compelled everyone to step aside, no one dared to impede.

“Brother Dustin…”

Watching Dustin’s retreating figure, Sheila Murray felt a sudden panic, extending her hand as if to stop him, yet the words caught in her throat.

A vague foreboding whispered that she might have missed something crucial.

In this moment, the connection between them shattered completely.

Henceforth, they would be strangers.

“Vivian, I warned you about Dustin before. He’s not to be trusted. Now you see his true colours. Stay clear of him in the future. He’s not worth your time!” Chase Johnson added fuel to the fire.

“Absolutely, Vivian, thank you for seeing through him early on. If you kept being taken in, you’d have regretted it for sure. You witnessed it yourself. This bloke was willing to resort to public violence to silence someone. He’s a proper rotter!” Sheila Murray chimed in, her tone cutting.


Sheila Murray sighed softly, her expression a tapestry of emotions.

Though there was a twinge of discomfort in her heart, she ultimately held her peace.

After all, the divide between their worlds was too vast.

Even without these events, it was improbable that their paths would ever truly intersect.

People from different orbits rarely find their orbits aligning.

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