Chapter 1114

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The sudden movement startled everyone.

Xun Sheng looked around and saw that Garrett had been beaten so hard that he was hanging on the wall. His upper body was sunk deep into the wall, leaving only his hands and feet exposed.

Between the mouth and nose, blood spurted out.

It looked terrible.

“Brother Gao Chao!”


After being stunned for a moment, everyone’s expressions changed drastically.

He quickly ran forward, pulled Garrett out of the wall, and gave him various medicines to heal his injuries and provide first aid.

“Lu! How dare you hurt the eldest son of the Murong family? You are so bold!” Vivian was shocked and angry.

“Dustin! If Brother Gao Chao has any shortcomings, your ten lives will not be enough to kill him!” Chase Johnson said sternly.

“Are you blind? It was Garrett who made a sneak attack just now. I was just counterattacking in self-defense.” Dustin said coldly.

“I didn’t see anything, but I saw you attacking someone. I warn you to catch them immediately and wait for your punishment, otherwise you will die without a place to bury you!” Vivian’s expression was a bit ferocious.

“That’s right! I’ll capture you immediately!” Chase Johnson echoed.


Dustin snorted coldly and didn’t bother to pay attention.

Garrett made a sneak attack first. If he hadn’t reacted quickly, he would have activated the body-protecting Aura in advance.

If this knife goes down, I’m afraid I’ll be stabbed to the core.

Although a martial arts master is invulnerable, the prerequisite is that he must be protected by Gang Qi.

The physical body alone cannot stop the divine weapons.

“Xue’er! Did you see it just now? This guy doesn’t talk about martial arts, and he sneakily attacked your cousin. This is to kill and silence!” Vivian turned her eyes and started to fan the flames.

“That’s right, Xue’er! Dustin has ulterior motives, with a human face and a beast’s heart. Brother Gao Chao just argued a few words with reason, and he actually killed the killer. It’s so sinister!” Chase Johnson continued to add fuel to the flames.

“Brother Dustin…”

Sheila Murray was stunned, her eyes widened, and she was a little disbelieving: “Why? Why do you want to hurt people?”

No matter what, Garrett was her cousin, and Dustin was so serious that he just wanted to take people’s lives.

It’s so cruel!

“Xue’er, it was Garrett who stabbed me first. It was a purely subconscious reaction on my part.” Dustin explained.

At this time, the knife in Garrett’s hand had been put away by Vivian without leaving a trace.

“Hit you?”

Sheila Murray glanced up and down, but found that Dustin was not injured at all, and her eyes were filled with disappointment: “Brother Dustin, are you still lying to me now?

Do you think I’m stupid and naive and therefore easily deceived?

Yes…I am stupid, but I am not blind yet!

If you don’t have evil intentions, why do you want to hurt others?

I always thought you were a good person and always believed in you, but why? Why are you lying to me? ”

While talking, Sheila Murray’s eyes turned red.

She couldn’t believe it before and had always held out hope.

However, she could clearly see the scene where Dustin was beating someone just now.

She had to doubt the other party’s motives.

Is it true that as his father said, Dustin deliberately approached her in order to climb the high branches of the general’s mansion?

Could it be that the previous chance encounters and rescues were all fake?

Do they all have other intentions?

“Xue’er, what are you talking about?”

Dustin frowned slightly and said seriously: “I have never lied to you, and I have never thought you were stupid. I really treat you as a friend.”


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