Chapter 1079: The Unexpected Outcome

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However, it was extremely strange.

“How is this possible? The dwarf horse actually won against the Black Dragon?”

“What’s going on? Can this even happen?!”

“What’s Morgan doing? Why didn’t she just sprint directly? What’s with all the dawdling?”

After Dustin won, the entire arena was in chaos.

Everyone wore expressions of shock and disbelief, finding it difficult to accept.

Before the race began, they were all confident that Morgan would win.

Indeed, the race had played out that way, with Black Dragon dominating the entire time.

However, no one had expected that, at the last moment, Black Dragon would suddenly have an issue and refuse to run.

What was this?

A strike?

Throwing a tantrum?

“We won, we won! Big Brother Dustin won!”

After a brief moment of shock, Shiela immediately cheered and celebrated, her face beaming with joy.

She hadn’t even dreamed that Dustin, who had chosen a dwarf horse, would actually win.

It was truly miraculous!

“This guy is so lucky; he won for no reason.” Vivian was somewhat displeased.

“Darn it! Why? Why can a dwarf horse win?” Chase was both unwilling and jealous.

If he had known it would be so easy to win, he would have taken the opportunity to show off earlier, not only gaining recognition but also earning Shiela’s favor. It would have been a win-win situation.

“Why is this? He can win by walking the whole way; isn’t that too exaggerated?”

Victoria’s eye twitched, and she couldn’t remain calm.

She had hoped to see Dustin lose and humiliate him.

Now, things had turned around, and he had won.

“It’s strange,” Dahlia said with an unusual look in her beautiful eyes.

She didn’t understand why Dustin had remained calm and composed the entire time, as if he had anticipated this outcome.

“Morgan was really careless. She should have finished the race earlier. There was no need to play cat and mouse; it’s like lifting a stone to smash her own foot!”

Garrett furrowed his brows and looked displeased.

If she hadn’t kept stopping and starting, she could have easily won.

Now, she had lost, and it was a huge blow to her reputation.

A top-breed horse couldn’t even beat a dwarf horse. If news of this spread, how could she face anyone?

“Morgan, it seems your tough horse isn’t that great after all.”

After reaching the finish line, Dustin rode the dwarf horse slowly back.

There was a faint smile on his lips, which seemed mocking and full of amusement.


Morgan gritted her teeth, extremely angry.

She had a stomach full of anger and nowhere to vent it, so she dismounted and took out her riding crop, hitting Black Dragon with all her strength.

The sound of the whip cracking rang out, and she was merciless.

“Damned beast! It’s your fault I lost the race!”

“I told you to move! I told you not to hold me back! Watch me beat you to death!”

“You beast! You’ve ruined my reputation!”

Morgan lashed out at Black Dragon while venting her anger.

Black Dragon was neighing in distress, becoming increasingly restless.

Unable to endure it any longer, it kicked her in the face.


Morgan was sent flying five or six meters away, crashing heavily to the ground. She was knocked unconscious on the spot.

Her jaw shattered, teeth fell out, blood sprayed from her mouth and nose, and her entire face was disfigured, looking extremely horrifying.

Black Dragon’s kick exemplified the concept of karma.

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