Chapter 1078: The Unexpected Turn

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“Come on, come on… Come and catch me!”

“Go faster… A little faster!”

Morgan rode Black Dragon, running intermittently and occasionally looking back to mock Dustin.

She didn’t take Dustin seriously at all; instead, she began to playfully toy with him.

At the height of her amusement, she even circled around the dwarf horse while riding Black Dragon.

Under the suppression of bloodline superiority, the dwarf horse was trembling with fear, and it slowed down even further.

“Ha-ha-ha… Doesn’t this look more like a leisurely walk than a horse race?”

“Who said it didn’t? It’s like being taken for a stroll by Morgan; it’s completely lacking in spirit, so embarrassing!”

Morgan’s group of friends didn’t hold back in their mockery.

“No good horse, no skill, and yet he dared to challenge Morgan? Truly ignorant!” Vivian sneered.

“Just a jumping clown. If this trash wins, I’ll eat s***!” Chase sneered.

“A grown man, humiliated by a woman riding on his head, if I were him, I’d probably find a hole to crawl into. It’s too embarrassing!” Victoria mocked.

She had been holding a grudge since she was slapped earlier, and Morgan’s actions now helped her vent her frustration.

“Ms Dahlia, you shouldn’t have sympathized with such a mediocre person,” Garrett said sarcastically.

“It’s just a million; let’s consider it entertainment,” Dahlia said expressionlessly.

“That’s true.”

Garrett nodded ambiguously, then shouted to Morgan, “Morgan, stop playing; it’s not fun anymore. Let’s end it.”


Morgan responded and turned to look at Dustin. “Hey, you, I’m not playing with you anymore. Enjoy eating my dust from behind!”

With that, she spurred Black Dragon forward, heading straight for the finish line.

Throughout the race, Dustin had been riding in a leisurely manner, as if he were completely uninvolved.

Just when everyone thought the outcome was certain, something unexpected happened.

While Black Dragon was running, for some unknown reason, it suddenly neighed and lifted its front hooves high in the air.

Morgan, who had been overconfident, was thrown off the horse and fell to the ground, covered in dirt.

“What’s going on? Did she make a mistake?”

This sudden turn of events startled everyone.

No one had expected Morgan to encounter an accident just a hundred meters away from the finish line.

“Black Dragon! What are you doing? Why did you suddenly stop?”

Morgan, struggling to stand up, looked a bit annoyed.

She hadn’t even touched the reins, but Black Dragon had suddenly stopped, catching her off guard.

Fortunately, she hadn’t fallen too hard and was able to get up and continue racing.

Dustin rode the dwarf horse leisurely and approached slowly.

“Hmph! I fell, so what? I can still beat you.”

Morgan glared at him and got back on her horse.

“Is that so? Then good luck to you.”

Dustin smiled faintly and continued riding at a leisurely pace.

“Black Dragon! Charge!”

Morgan shouted, urging her horse to speed up in an attempt to leave Dustin behind and win the race.

However, her command had no effect at all.

Black Dragon remained rooted in place, visibly agitated and unwilling to move forward, as if it were afraid of something ahead.

“Black Dragon! Charge! Charge!”

As Dustin slowly overtook her, Morgan grew increasingly desperate. She kicked and urged her horse desperately, but Black Dragon simply refused to budge.

“Hey! Can’t you move even a little?”

Morgan was furious. She pulled out her riding crop and started whipping Black Dragon, putting a lot of force into each strike.

Black Dragon neighed in distress but still refused to move forward.

Then, to the astonishment, disbelief, and shock of the onlookers, Dustin, riding the dwarf horse, strolled past the finish line without much effort.

From start to finish, he barely ran and won the race with exceptional ease.

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