Chapter 1060

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“Do you still want to interfere in others‘ affairs now, Gideon?”

Dustin’s grip tightened on Gideon’s neck.

Gideon struggled to breathe, and his heart raced.

“Young man, don’t act recklessly!”

Gideon gritted his teeth. “Holding a high–ranking military officer hostage is a major offense. Even if the military can’t catch you, the Martial Arts Union exists. They won’t let you go if you hurt me!”

The Martial Arts Union was responsible for supervising martial artists‘ conduct. They would usually punish those who broke the rules.

It applied to all martial artists, regardless of their status, including grandmaster martial artists.

“Are you trying to threaten me? Do you think I won’t dare to kill you?” Dustin’s eyes grew colder.

“I’m just warning you. Don’t ruin your future,” Gideon advised.

“You’re young, talented, and have a promising future ahead. Stop what you’re doing; it’s not worth sacrificing your future. Think it through.”

“So, are you trying to stop me?” Dustin asked.

“Listen, this is your only chance. If you go now, I won’t come after you. But if you insist, there’s only one outcome for you–death!” Gideon stated firmly.

As a General of the Dark Panther Cavalry, he needed to display his toughness, even when taken hostage.

“Gideon, stop wasting my time. You have two options: leave or face death!” Dustin was getting impatient.

He had tried to talk it out, but if someone continued to block him, he’d have to take drastic action to make a point.

“Damn you!” Gideon glared at Dustin.

“Three …”

Dustin began counting and tightened his grip, making breathing hard for Gideon.

“General Zink! This guy is just trying to scare you. Don’t fall for it!” Trent chimed in.

“That’s right!! With your reputation, he wouldn’t dare to act impulsively!” Jacob added.

“Rhys! General Zink leads a hundred thousand troops. If you harm him, you won’t leave here alive!

“Dylan shouted.


Ignoring their comments, Dustin continued to tighten his grip.

Gideon struggled frantically, and the fear of death overwhelmed him. He wanted to beg for mercy, but his pride kept him silent.

“General Zink! Hang on!” Trent encouraged Gideon.

His eyes filled with an evil intent. He knew that Gideon’s death would benefit them. When Dustin killed Gideon, the Dark Panther Cavalry and the Martial Arts Union would go after him.

“General Zink! Rest assured, even if you were killed, we’ll avenge you!” Dylan declared with conviction.

“Avenge me?” Gideon’s eyes twitched, and he almost couldn’t contain his anger. It was pointless to avenge him if he were dead.


Once the count ended, Dustin’s eyes brimmed with determination.

Gideon trembled, convinced that Dustin was willing to go through with it.

“Wait …”

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