Chapter 1053

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These gangsters wore black with red headbands. They had a mythical beast emblem on their chest, representing the disciples of the Kirin Gang.

“Secure the area!” Cornelius ordered as he led them into the Harmon family residence.

Just like that, the Kirin Gang had outnumbered the Harmon family’s guards.

When the Kiring Gang arrived at the Harmon residence, the crowd scattered to avoid getting caught up in the mess.

“Who the hell are you? How dare you enter the Harmon family residence!” Trent yelled as they were surrounded.

“They’re from the Kirin Gang!” someone from the Harmon family exclaimed.

“The Kirin Gang?!” The mention of the Kirin Gang caused various reactions among the crowd.

The Kirin Gang had earned a terrifying reputation in Millsburg, surpassing even the famous

Fabulous Five in power and influence.

“Who dares disrespect Sir Rhys?”

With the guild leaders and disciples, Cornelius stood by Dustin’s side. Their intimidating presence was proof of Dustin’s influence.

“Wait, is he… the Kirin Gang’s leader?!”

The Harmon family members were taken aback when they learned of this. While they had heard rumors about the group, they never expected Dustin to be the leader.

“Unbelievable! This guy is a hot shot!” Quinton was stunned by the reveal.

He had underestimated Dustin, thinking he was just an ordinary guy. But now, knowing that Dustin held such influence, Quinton regretted his earlier assumptions.

“H–how is this even possible? He dressed so casually, yet he’s the leader of the Kirin Gang?” Leah muttered in disbelief.

The Kirin Gang had long dominated Millsburg’s underworld, working by their ruthless code. There

were rumors that their leader was terrifying.

Leah was shocked to learn that such a powerful person would dress like a regular guy. “We misjudged him!”

Livia also regretted her earlier judgment of Dustin. “No wonder he dared to provoke the Harmons!”

Trent’s expression soured as he realized their chance of winning was small.

“I’m here for Dylan only, I won’t hesitate to attack if anyone tries to stop me!”

Dustin glared at the crowd, and those who met his eyes quickly looked away in silence.

Jacob tried threatening Dustin to stop. “Dustin, don’t push it too far.”

“Too far?” Dustin scoffed.

“I’ve held back because of Natasha. Otherwise, you’d be dead already.”

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