Chapter 1054

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“Rhys, don’t be too cocky!”

Jacob snapped at Dustin, “You think being the leader of the Kirin Gang means you’re all that? Don’t forget, my son is a high–ranking commander of the Dark Panther Cavalry!”

Dylan chimed in defiantly, “That’s right! Dark Panther Cavalry supports me, and I am the

subordinate of Scarlet Warrior. Your actions will have consequences.”

“Stop it right there, punk. If you let Dylan go, we can put this matter behind us. But if you insist on fighting, the Harmon family won’t yield,” Trent stated solemnly.

While the Kirin Gang held power, the Harmon family was no pushover.

They had a long history and many allies. They would receive help if they asked.

“I don’t care about your allies or your family’s influence. Dylan must die today!”

Dustin grabbed Dylan by the neck and lifted him, thinking, “If I can’t get him out, I’ll have to kill him right here.”

“Ugh!” Dylan’s face turned red as he struggled to catch his breath. The fear of death began to consume him.

Suddenly, someone shouted, “Stop right there!”

Kate arrived on the scene, leading a group of hundreds of well–trained men, all elite members of the Grants family and two lupine guards.

“Kate? You’re here!” Jacob sighed in relief.

Kate’s status within the Harmon family had improved since she got together with Tyler. Even

Trent had to submit to her.

“Kate, you’ve arrived just in time. We need your help,” Trent said, relieved their situation had improved.

With the addition of the elite forces from the Grants family, they now stood a chance against the Kirin Gang.

“Kate, help me!” Dylan pleaded desperately.

“Rhys, release him immediately!” Kate commanded. She felt relieved she had returned just in time when she heard about the commotion.

However, Dustin asked her, “Were you involved in the car accident?”

She was puzzled by that and asked, “What accident?”

“If you had nothing to do with it, fuck ott!” he retorted.

“How dare you?”

“Damn you!”

“How dare you speak to our Missus that way? We’ll teach you a lesson.”

The Grants family men reacted angrily to Dustin’s rudeness.

Then, an elderly man, standing behind Kate, lunged at Dustin. “You brat, go to hell!”

“Fuck off!”

Cornelius quickly jumped in and punched the elderly man’s chest.

The elderly man screamed in pain and was flung back into a nearby pond.

The Grants were left dumbfounded by this turn of events, especially since the elderly man was a divine elite they had hired.

They had never imagined that such an expert could be so easily defeated.

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