Chapter 1052

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Dylan was stunned and muttered, “Again?”

He was worried about Trent’s impulsive decisions since the previous shots had missed Dustin completely.

Jacob urged. “Trent, you’ve got to stay calm! Dyl’s life is on the line here!”

He wanted to prevent Trent from losing his temper and accidentally shooting Dylan.

“I’m concerned about Dyl’s safety too. But have you considered our family’s reputation if we let this kid escape?” Trent argued.

“This kid isn’t a pushover. We should consider bringing in the aces,” Jacob whispered.

“Aces? Where can we find them on such short notice? I say we take him down now.” Trent insisted.

Then, Jacob proposed a different approach. “But before we resort to that, let me try talking to him first. It’s best if we can resolve this without violence.”

Trent took a deep breath and yielded. “You’ve got three minutes.”


Jacob nodded and turned to Dustin. “Listen, you need to stop right now. There’s no way you’ll make it out of here alive today. But if you release my son, I can assure your safety.”

“Rhys! You better let me go right now, or there will be consequences!” Dylan warned. Even though Dustin had beaten him earlier, Dylan wasn’t about to give up.

“Everyone must take responsibility for their actions. You’ve made a serious mistake. So today, you’ll face the consequences,” Dustin stated firmly.

“Rhys, don’t think you can scare me. You’re cornered now, with no way out. If you lay a finger on me, you’ll regret it!” Dylan sneered.

Dustin had faced many tough situations before, so he stayed calm even when surrounded by the Harmon family guards.

“Regret it?” Dustin scoffed and snapped Dylan’s arm

“Ah!” Dylan screamed in pain as Dustin broke both his arms.

“What do you think of my Bone–Crushing Grip technique?” Dustin asked indifferently.

“You scumbag! How dare you lay a hand on me? I’ll make sure you pay for this!” Dylan shouted in anger.

But Dustin said nothing and kicked Dylan.

With a “crack“, Dylan’s kneecap shattered, causing him to collapse and scream again.

Seeing his son’s injuries, Jacob shouted, “You monster! You’ll pay for what you’ve done to my son!”

“Finish him!” Trent wasted no time and ordered his guards to attack Dustin.

At that moment, a large group of gangsters burst through the main gate of the Harmon family residence.

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