Chapter 1051

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Upon receiving Trent’s orders, the Harmon family guards and the elite shadow guards took action.

“Quick! Seal off all exits and ensure this kid doesn’t get away!”

“Acting so boldly on the Harmon family’s grounds? He must have a death wish!”

The guards quickly blocked all escape routes and surrounded Dustin.

As Dustin exited the reception hall, he could feel the hostile stares of the guards on him. He guessed there were around two hundred of them, including Dylan’s Dark Panther Cavalry soldiers.

“Rhys‘ Release my son now, or you’ll pay with your life!” Jacob yelled angrily.

“You’re trapped, there’s no escape. Release Dylan, and maybe I’ll spare you,” Trent warned.

“I only want Dylan. The rest of you can step back!” Dustin stated firmly.

“You’re standing at death’s door and don’t even realize it. Look around and see who’s in charge!”

Trent threatened.

Trent knew Dustin could not win against so many armed guards, no matter how skilled he was.

“Even though this kid managed to take down Dylan, he won’t leave the Harmon family alive.”

“This kid might be talented, but he’s outnumbered.”

“He should’ve known the consequences of picking a fight with the Harmon family!”

The guests whispered among themselves. They knew that taking on a powerful family alone was suicidal.

“Hmph! Having courage won’t take you very far when you’re outnumbered,” Leah commented.

She viewed Dustin as an amateur and doubted his ability to fight armed opponents.

“You’re right! This guy is too idealistic, thinking his martial arts alone can make him invincible

It’s just wishful thinking” Quinton sneered.

Livie didn’t say anything, but she also doubted Dustin’s skills. She realized nobody would survive against the Harmon family guards.

“Considering you’re the Harmons, I don’t want to use force. I’m holding back for now, so step aside! “Dustin’s intense gaze swept over them. If it weren’t for Natasha, he would have already taken down the entire Harmon family

“You stubborn bastard! It seems like you won’t back down”

Trent couldn’t contain his anger and signaled his quards “Get nd of him!”

Gunshots rang out, and pustin used Dylan as a shield. Two bullets missed, but the remaining three hit Dylan.

“Ah!” The pain jolted Dylan awake.

“Stop shooting!” Jacob shouted. He realized that at this rate, his son would die before Dustin.

“You incompetent fools! What’s wrong with your aim?” Trent was furious that they had missed their chance to kill Dustin.

“Who shot me? Who the heck did this?!” Dylan roared in agony, staring at the bloody wounds. He couldn’t understand why he had been shot three times.

“Dyl, those were an accident.” Trent tried to assure him.

“The guard will shoot again, but we won’t miss this time. Hang in there.”

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