Chapter 1050

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“What happened?” The sight of the unconscious Dylan shocked everyone.

Nobody expected the high-ranking commander of the Dark Panther Cavalry to lose. Everyone expected him to win, but the outcome was unexpected.

“Is this a dream? Did Dylan actually lose?” Quinton struggled to accept reality.

He had anticipated Dustin’s defeat, not him winning.

“How can this be? It’s unbelievable.” Leah stared in disbelief.

She couldn’t understand how someone as insignificant as Dustin could defeat Dylan.

“Wow! Is he that strong?” Livia’s eyes widened in amazement.

At first, she underestimated Dustin, but now she acknowledged his skills.

Trent’s eyebrows furrowed in surprise, “I didn’t expect this kid to be a master level.”

While he had seen Dustin’s amazing medical abilities, he was unaware of his martial arts skills.

Jacob was shocked by the sudden turn of events. “My son lost?”

He could accept if Dylan lost to Tyler but not to Dustin.

Amid the stunned onlookers, Dustin strode forward. He grabbed Dylan’s leg and dragged him away, leaving a trail of blood on the ground.

“Let go of my son, you bastard!”

Ignoring Jacob, Dustin continued to drag Dylan along. He spared Dylan’s life because he wanted Dylan to apologize to Cecilia.

“Get rid of this kid!” Jacob ordered his guards.

A swarm of the Harmon family guards rushed in. The guests quickly stepped back to avoid getting caught up in the mess.

“Attack!” someone shouted, and the guards rushed forward.

Dustin remained unfazed. He raised his hand, and a barrage of silver needles shot out.

Suddenly, the Harmon family guards fell to the ground.

“What the heck?” The quests watched in disbelief

Everything had happened too fast, leaving them bewildered All they saw was Dustin raising his hand, and suddenly, all the guards were on the ground

Dustin continued to drag Dylan out of the reception hall.

“Quick, stop him!” Jacob shouted.

“Summon the shadow guards!” Trent ordered. 3

“We must capture this kid today, no matter what it takes. The Harmon family’s reputation is at stake!”

Dustin’s actions were a clear disrespect to the Harmon family. Their family’s reputation would suffer if Trent did not handle it fast.”

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