Chapter 1049

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“This is outrageous!”

“You have the nerve to mess with the Harmon family. You must have a death wish!”

The startled quests shouted and protested.

The commotion drew the guards’ attention, who surrounded the area.

Dylan sneered at Dustin. “You’ve got some nerve attacking me. If your bodyguard was here, you might have a chance. But going up against me alone is just asking for death!”

Despite his previous loss to Cornelius, Dylan remained confident in defeating Dustin. Among his peers, he believed only Tyler could pose a challenge.

“Kid, today marks my ascent as the Patriarch. I don’t want bloodshed, so surrender now,” Trent shouted at Dustin.

He knew Dustin’s skills and gangs, but it was nothing compared to the Harmon family’s forces. Besides, he had the support of the Grants.

“Dylan’s life ends today, and anyone who intervenes will die too!” Dustin proclaimed.

“How dare you!”

Trent barked at his guards, “Grab him!”

“Wait!” Dylan stepped forward.

“Uncle Trent, allow me to handle him myself.”

“Yes, Trent. Let them settle their score,” Jacob chimed in.

Trent understood that ganging up on Dustin would make them look like bullies. So, he agreed to at one-on-one duel, which would attract less attention even if Dustin died

“Alright, he’s all yours,” Trent said, giving Dylan a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

“Uncle Trent, just watch as I defeat him”

Then Dylan taunted Dustin, “Rhys, do you have the courage for a life-or-death fight?”

“What’s there to fear? You’re going to die anyway,” Dustin retorted

“Perfect! Everyone heard it, night? He agreed to a life-or-death duel If he dies, I’m not taking responsibility Dylan proclaimed for everyone to hear

“Is he crazy? Challenging Dylan one-on-one!”

“Dylan’s a divine master and a high-ranking commander in the Dark Panther Cavalry. He’s a master of deadly techniques. This kid won’t last three seconds.” (2)

“He’s getting what he asked for by messing with the Harmon family!”

The crowd whispered among themselves about Dustin as if he were already doomed.

“Ha! A poor nobody trying to take on a genius like Dylan? Dream on!” Leah scoffed.

“He’s risking his life just to show off. What a fool!” Quinton showed his disdain.

“Ignorant fool!” Livia shook her head.

To them, Dustin’s actions were suicidal.

Dylan taunted, “Rhys, come at me, and let’s see what you’re made of.”

Dustin stepped forward and threw an ordinary punch.

“Is that it?” Dylan chuckled and raised his finger to stop his punch, eager to win and earn the crowd’s praise.

When Dylan’s finger met Dustin’s fist, a sickening crunch of Dylan’s finger bones breaking was heard. Then, his arm snapped, and his body slammed into the wall.

He was knocked unconscious, with blood flowing from his mouth and nose.

The room fell quiet.

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