Chapter 1048

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Dustin’s remark caught Livia, Leah, and Quinton off guard, leaving them puzzled.

“Hey, what are you babbling about? Who’s going to die?” Leah raised an eyebrow and wondered if he had lost his mind.

“Are you jealous of Dylan, dude? You’re saying nonsense now because you know he’s better than you,” Quinton remarked.

“Hmph, you know you’re worthless, yet you badmouth someone you’re jealous of. You’re just a petty bastard!” Leah could not stand petty people like Dustin.

“Hey, if you’ve got something to say, say it to Dylan’s face. What’s the point of talking behind someone’s back?” Quinton taunted.

“Yeah, be upfront and confront Dylan like a real man, not a coward,” Leah added.

While Livia remained silent, she shook her head in frustration. She found Dustin’s behavior irritating.

Ignoring their remarks, Dustin picked up a wine bottle and weighed it in his hand. Then, he shouted, “Dylan Harmon!”

Dylan turned to locate the source of the voice. Suddenly, a wine bottle crashed onto his head.

A loud “Crash!” echoed as the bottle shattered, showering him in red wine. Stunned, he staggered. backward and touched his bleeding head.

The unexpected scene shocked everyone, as nobody dared challenge the Harmon family.

At that moment, Livia, Leah, and Quinton froze in fear.

They had witnessed Dustin pick up the bottle and throw it toward Dylan, but they couldn’t wrap their mind around it.

Dylan Harmon was a prominent figure and came from an influential family. He was a high- ranking commander of the Dark Panther Cavalry and would become the next General.

In Balerno, he was a star.

It was reckless to provoke someone of Dylan’s status They wondered if Dustin had a death wish

“Y-you attacked Dylan Harmon? Are you crazy?” Leah was furious

She had provoked Dustin, thinking he wouldn’t fight back. But now, he had responded to their taunts in such a manner

“Dude, you’re as good as dead” Quinton glared at Dustin

Quinton stepped back, wanting to avoid any trouble with the Harmon family. He muttered, “1 shouldn’t have sat at this table.”

All eyes were on their table. Even Livia distanced herself from Dustin. She was fuming, seeing him as nothing more than a troublemaker.

“So, it is you, Dustin Rhys!” Dylan gazed fixated on him, his face darkening with anger.

Trent, Jacob, and the others were also seething with rage.

It was supposed to be a good day for the Harmon family, but it was ruined. Dustin had crashed the event uninvited, causing a scene.

“Dylan Harmon! Today is the day you meet your end,” Dustin declared.

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