Chapter 1028

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The unexpected scene‘ shocked everyone present. Nobody could have predicted that someone would actually hit Mrs. Lansky’s son.

Everyone knew that Mrs. Lansky was infamous for being a tyrant in this area. Nobody dared to offend her.

“Oh my God! My son!” After a momentary shock, Mrs. Lansky screamed.

She rushed forward clumsily and wrapped the disoriented, chubby kid in her arms.

The little kid now had a crooked nose and busted lips. His mouth was also covered in blood, with two front teeth missing. Half of his face was extremely red and swollen.

“Son! Don’t scare me like this! Wake up!” Mrs. Lansky was panicking and pinched his nose repeatedly to wake him up.

It was only after he woke up that she calmed down slightly. However, very soon, her expression turned hideous.

She screamed, “Who was it that hit my son? Who was it? Reveal yourself!”

She turned around, looking like she was about to commit murder.

“It was me!” Dustin stepped forward with a dark expression. His gaze turned murderous, especially when he noticed the injury on Cecilia and Haley’s face.

“You son of a bitch! How dare you hit my son! Do you know who I am?” Mrs. Lansky roared.

All along, she had been the one doing the bullying. No one had ever dared create a scene with her..

Without a word, Dustin slapped her across the face. He then asked, “Who are you?”

“I” Mrs. Lansky cradled her face. She was about to reply when Dustin delivered another slap

That slap made her stagger, and she almost lost her balance.

“Who are you?” Dustin asked again.

“I am-”

Mrs. Lansky had opened her mouth. But before she could say her name, she felt another stinging slap land on her cheek.

“What did you say? Who are you again?” Dustin questioned coldly. (1)

“You-” Mrs. Lansky was furious and was about to launch into a tirade when Dustin silenced her with a third slap.

“Who exactly are you?”

“Say something.”

“Why aren’t you talking?”

“Weren’t you all haughty earlier? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

Dustin slapped her after every question. The blows left Mrs. Lansky disoriented and with a swollen face.

She leaned against the wall, swaying slightly. She couldn’t say a single word.

After receiving more than a dozen slaps, her face was disfigured. Blood trickled from her mouth and nose, and she seemed to have lost some teeth.

She looked utterly miserable.

The teachers and parents alike were in shock.

“Oh my goodness! Who is this guy? He actually dared lay a hand on Mrs. Lansky. Is he trying to get himself killed?”

“It seems like he isn’t aware of Mrs Lansky’s influence. He’ll find out soon enough.” “He’s so ignorant. He’ll probably be meeting his end soon for offending Mrs. Lansky.”

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