Chapter 1029

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The crowd pointed and whispered, astonished at Dustin’s outrageous behavior.

A simple apology would have resolved this matter. But now, it had escalated into a major issue.

With Mrs. Lansky beaten up so badly, Dustin would probably end up with broken limbs. Worse still, he could be buried alive!

Dustin delivered another slap that knocked Mrs. Lansky to the ground. He demanded, “Tell me, who exactly are you?”

Mrs. Lansky’s face was beaten up so badly that she felt dizzy and disoriented. She couldn’t even tell left from right.

“Stop it!” Right then, the kindergarten’s headmistress pushed through the crowd in a frantic rush.

Seeing Mrs. Lansky’s swollen face, she was shocked and quickly helped her onto a chair.

“Oh my, Mrs. Lansky! What happened to you? Who did this to you?”

Mrs. Lansky’s arm shook as she pointed at Dustin.

“How dare you!”

The headmistress turned around and roared, “Who are you? How dare you lay your hands on Mrs.

Lansky? Do you have any idea of the trouble you’ve caused?”

“And who are you? How dare you meddle in my affairs?” Dustin responded coldly.


The headmistress puffed up her chest. She said proudly, “I’m Mrs. Prewitt, the headmistress here. I oversee all matters in this kindergarten!”

“Mrs. Prewitt, was it? You came right on time.”

Dustin nodded and pointed at Mrs. Lansky. “This bitch is being unreasonable and is abusing her power. Kick her out of here immediately!”


Mrs. Prewitt glared at him and yelled, “You were the one who assaulted her. How dare you accuse Mrs. Lansky? This is absurd!”

“I hit her because she deserved to be hit. Open up your eyes. She inflicted those injuries you see on Cecilia’s face and on my goddaughter’s body.

“I only gave her a taste of her own medicine,” Dustin said impassively.

“That’s right, Mrs. Prewitt. Mrs. Lansky and her son were the ones who were bullying us. They were deliberately causing trouble,” Cecilia tried to explain.

“Shut up!” Mrs. Prewitt roared at her before turning her attention back to Dustin.

In an overbearing tone, she said, “I didn’t witness anything earlier except you hitting them.

“I’m now ordering you to apologize to Mrs. Lansky and compensate them for the injuries.

Otherwise, I’m going to call the cops!”

“Are you blind or something?”

Dustin’s expression was stern. “When this bitch–was–assaulting them, you stood idly by as if nothing was happening.

“Now that she’s at a disadvantage, you immediately intervened and created a scene. Are you a servant,they raised?”

“Y–You… You impudent bastard!” Mrs. Prewitt was furious after being called out.

“I’m warning you! If you don’t apologize, I’m going to expel Haley from our kindergarten! She’ll never be able to set foot in here again!”

“Expel her? Hah! Mrs. Prewitt, you’re amazing!”

Dustin sneered. “Did you think Golden Apple Kindergarten is the only kindergarten in Millsburg?

Did you think she won’t be able to attend any other kindergarten after she’s expelled?”

“That’s right! I’ve been in this industry for 20 years. I have connections everywhere!

“Just one word from me, and not one kindergarten would dare take in this little bastard!” Mrs.

Prewitt roared.

“What did you say?” Dustin’s expression turned dark.

He was seething after hearing the words “little bastard“.

“What? Are you scared now?” Mrs. Prewitt smirked.

“Listen up! As long as I don’t allow it, nobody will take in this little bas-”

Before she could finish her sentence, Dustin had landed a painful slap across her face. That slap caused her to almost fly across the room.

The crowd was dumbfounded once again.

This young man had nerves of steel. Wasn’t he afraid of being blacklisted by the headmistress?

“You … You dared lay a hand on me?”

Mrs. Prewitt got up from the ground, looking embarrassed. She cradled her stinging cheek, looking shocked and angry.

Parents usually buttered up to her whenever they saw her. Even if they considered presenting her with a gift, it all depended on her mood that day.

This young man not only disrespected her, he even struck her! It was outrageous!

“And what if I did?”

Dustin scolded her coldly, “You abuse your power! You play up the influential and have lost all sense of morality! Allowing an incompetent trash like you to educate the young would only lead them astray!”

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