Chapter 1027

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“What bullshit!”

“Mrs. Lansky glared at her. “How can you compare that little bastard to my precious son? A strand of hair on his body is worth more than her life!

“I’m warning you, grovel on your feet and apologize now! Or you won’t like what’s going to happen to you!”

“Mrs. Lansky! Can you be reasonable? It’s clearly your son’s fault. Why should we be the ones to apologize?” Cecilia said with a frown.

Without hesitation, Mrs. Lansky delivered a harsh slap across Cecilia’s face.

She yelled, “I told you to apologize, so just apologize! What’s all this nonsense? If you challenge me again, I’ll tear your mouth apart!”

“You-” Cecilia clenched her teeth, seething in anger.

She didn’t expect Mrs. Lansky to be so unreasonable. Not only did they refuse to apologize for their mistake, they even resorted to violence.

They were being too much!

“Don’t hit my mum!” Haley stood in front of her mother with outstretched hands.

She looked angry. “You’re a bad person! An old witch! I’m going to get Mister Strong to attack you!”

“You little bastard! You deserve to be punished!”

Mrs. Lansky flew into a rage and slapped Haley hard across the face. The force knocked her onto the ground. Soon, she started bleeding from her nose.


Cecilia was shocked and swiftly lifted her daughter into her arms. She was heartbroken to see

Haley’s tiny face all red and swollen.

“You little fatherless bastard! Serves you right!” Mac stood with his hands on his hips. He looked pleased.

“You two, listen up! Get down on your knees and apologize right now, then pay one million dollars for my son’s medical expenses. Otherwise, there will be hell to pay!”

“Y–You’re absolutely unreasonable!”

Cecilia seethed in anger. “I’m calling the cops! I’ll have the officers come and handle this!”

As she spoke, she took out her phone and prepared to make the call.

“You’re going to call the cops?” Mrs. Lansky grabbed the phone from her and threw it to the ground forcefully.

She cursed, “You bitch! What do you think calling the cops will do? Let me tell you, my husband is a high–ranking inspector at the station! My brother is even more powerful!

“Even if I dug a hole and buried the both of you, no one would dare say a word!”

“I–I don’t believe there’s no justice left in this world!” Cecilia retorted angrily.

“Justice? My word is law!” Mrs. Lansky declared before delivering another hard slap across Cecilia’s face.

Cecilia lost her balance, causing her to tumble to the ground. Since she was still pregnant, she couldn’t get up right away.

The crowd watched, but no one dared to step in and help.


Haley was anxious and in tears. She pulled on her mother’s arm with all her strength, but she wasn’t able to move her.

In her attempt, she ended up tumbling backward onto her buttocks because of the force.

A female teacher couldn’t take it any longer and was about to help them up when Mrs. Lansky glared at her. She immediately shrunk back from fear.

“Son, didn’t that little bastard hit you earlier? Go on and hit her back. Make sure you make her suffer. Mom’s got your back!” Mrs. Lansky patted her son’s shoulder.

Mac gained confidence from that. “You little bastard! I’ll beat you to death!

He forcefully pressed Haley to the ground and started punching her repeatedly. He showed no signs of holding back.

“That’s right! Hit her! Hit her hard!” Mrs. Lansky clapped and laughed loudly, looking proud.


Suddenly, an angry voice boomed from the door. And in no time, a figure had rushed in and delivered a powerful slap across the chubby boy’s face.

A crisp sound echoed as Mac’s face contorted from the force. He was sent flying and crashed to the ground with a resounding thud.

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