Chapter 1025

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He could only hold on to her tightly, feeling her warmth and savoring her scent. It was only at that moment that his anxious heart finally calmed down.

“I’m happy you’re alive,” Dustin whispered softly after a long pause.

“Alright, stop hugging me. I’m starting to run out of breath,” Natasha smiled knowingly. She patted Dustin gently on the back.

Although she enjoyed the moment, he was hugging her a bit too tightly.

“Ahem … I’m sorry, I was out of line.” Dustin snapped back to reality and released her immediately.

He had let his emotions take over earlier. He didn’t even realize what he had done

“I’m happy you did that. At least it shows that you care about me,” Natasha smiled sweetly. She was happy.

They had gone through life and death together. It was an experience that placed her way beyond what he had with Dahlia.

So what if they’d been married before? They’d even risked their lives for each other!

“Dear, rest up. I’ll go check if your medicine is ready.”

Natasha tiptoed to give Dustin a kiss on the cheek before turning to leave.

A gentle smile formed on Dustin’s lips as he watched her leave. He felt the same sense of happiness.

Finally, they had overcome this crisis!

“Mr. Adler.” Once he regained his composure, Dustin summoned Cornelius. The man had been stationed at the door.

He asked, “Did anything happen during these past few days?

Natasha and Dustin had been unconscious for three days each, so a week had passed.

“Sir Rhys, Millsburg has been relatively peaceful lately. Nothing much has happened,” Cornelius replied.

Then, he changed the topic abruptly, “Oh, but we should keep a watchful eye on the Harmon family.

“Ever since Trent took over, he and his daughter have kicked out some outstanding members and elders from the family. The current situation within the Harmons is rather delicate.

“Trent seems to be getting rid of dissenters. He kicked out anyone who didn’t obey his commands. Such foolish actions will only lead to his destruction.” Dustin shook his head.

The Harmons may be powerful, but it wouldn’t last, with Trent acting the way he was.

“Sir Rhys, I believe the Harmon family is like a ticking time bomb.”

Cornelius continued, “You instructed me to have people protect Mr. Hector before.

“In just a few days, he has faced three kidnapping attempts and two assassination plots. Luckily, we managed to thwart them all.”

“What?” Dustin frowned.

“Were they all carried out by the Harmons?

“The assassins were contracted. But there’s no doubt Trent and his daughter are involved in it,” Cornelius said. He sounded certain.

“It seems like their true colors are finally about to be exposed.”

Dustin stroked his chin. He was deep in thought when he said, “Let’s do this. Continue to keep an eye on them.

“If you notice any movements from Trent’s side, let me know right away. I’m going to find an opportunity to deal with all of them once and for all.”

“Yes, sir.” Cornelius nodded.

“Oh, by the way, has there been any activity on Ronald’s and the martial arts alliance’s side recently?” Dustin suddenly asked.

“Since Ronald returned from the Black Forest, he immediately went into seclusion. He refused to meet anyone.

“The deputy leader is now managing the martial arts alliance entirely,” Cornelius replied.

“He’s in seclusion?” Dustin snorted coldly.

“He intends to use the Celestial Pearl to break through to the ultimate grandmaster realm. Unfortunately for him, I won’t allow it.”

“Sir Rhys, what do you plan on doing?” Cornelius asked cautiously.

“I’m going to tend to my injuries first. After I’ve recovered, I’m going to challenge him!” Dustin declared, making a shocking announcement.

“What? You’re going to challenge the leader of the martial arts alliance?”

Cornelius‘ eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. “Sir Rhys! Are you joking? Ronald is the most

“Won’t you end up dead by challenging someone so powerful?”

“We still don’t know who will be dying.” Dustin narrowed his eyes. He exuded a murderous gaze.

“We’ll have to battle it out sooner or later. There was no winner during our battle back in the Black Forest. We’ll have to settle the score at the alliance headquarters.

“If he wants to reach the level of an ultimate grandmaster, he’ll have to go through me first!”

Unless Ronald died, Dustin would never be able to make it up to Mr. Robinson.

Someone hypocritical like Ronald couldn’t continue to be the martial arts alliance leader. If so, then the martial world is truly finished.

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