Chapter 1024

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After some time, Dustin woke up groggily, only to find himself lying on the bed.

The sunlight that shone through the windows was slightly glaring to his eyes.

“Dustin! You’re finally awake!” Ruth, who had been keeping vigil by his bedside, immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

“How long have I been unconscious?” Dustin asked.

He just woke up and was still feeling slightly disoriented.

“You were out for three days. Luckily, Dr. Watkins said you were fine. Or, we would have prepared for your funeral,” Ruth said.

“Three days? That long?” After a momentary daze, he finally remembered something.

“Oh, how about your sister? How is she? Is she awake yet?”

“My sister?” Ruth was dejected after she heard him.

Lowering her head, she was choked with sobs. “Natasha… she’s gone…

“What? She’s dead?” Those words hit Dustin like lightning, leaving him stunned.

His already pale face turned whiter. It was as if his soul had left his body.

“How can that be? I–Impossible!

“I found the Shadowbloom! Why did she still die? Why?” Dustin shook his head frantically, his expression filled with disbelief.

He couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t accept that outcome.

Didn’t they say she could be saved? Why did it fail? Why?

“This won’t do! I’m going to find her! I refuse to believe she just left like that!”

Dustin stood up abruptly and stumbled his way out.

“Who left?”

Right then, a woman entered through the doors.

She was beautiful, tall, and exuded irresistible charm. It was as though she had stepped out of a painting.

Surprisingly, it was none other than Natasha.

“Natasha?” Looking at the beautiful woman before him, Dustin was dumbfounded.

“Y–You’re not dead?”

“Dead?” Natasha had a strange expression.

“I’m just fine. Why would I be dead?”

“But, earlier—” Dustin looked to his left, only to find Ruth suddenly burst into laughter. She was just sobbing moments ago.

She couldn’t contain it any longer and let out a hearty laugh. “Hahaha… I got you, Dustin. My sister is extremely blessed. How could she have died? Did I shock you?”

“You little-” Dustin’s temper almost flared as he raised a hand.

Ruth was scared and hid behind Natasha. “I was just joking with you, Dustin. Why are you acting like this?”

“You brat! Is this something you should be joking about? Do you know how much you scared me?” Dustin was fuming.

When he heard Natasha was gone, his heart almost stopped. It was as if the energy had been sucked out of him.

“Ruth! How old are you? You should know better!” Natasha raised her hand and knocked Ruth on the head.

She scolded her, “Go and make your brother–in–law some food. He just woke up and is still weak He needs the energy.”

“Fine.” Ruth stuck out her tongue. She escaped the room after Dustin glared at her.

“Dear, how is your injury? Do you need-”

Natasha turned around. She was about to ask him some questions when Dustin suddenly wrapped her in a tight hug. He held her for a long time without letting go.

A thousand words swirled in his mind, but he didn’t know how to express them.

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