121 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 121

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 121

“Why are you here?” Dahlia was surprised to see Dustin. When she saw the pretty lady standing beside him, she couldn’t help but frown. Her heart clenched in jealousy.

“Was Natasha not enough for him? He still wanted more women?” Dahlia wondered to herself.

“Men are all playboys after all!” She concluded in her mind.

“Dustin, you guys know each other?” Ruth looked between the two of them, feeling a little awkward.

“We do. She’s the president of Quine Group, Miss Dahlia.” Dustin explained.

“So it’s her!” Ruth’s gaze immediately turned hostile.

This woman in front of her was her sister’s greatest love rival. She certainly has to keep an eye on her. She must not let the two of them rekindle their love!

“Humph! How do we keep running into each other? How unlucky of us!” Florence’s face was full of contempt.”

“Dustin! How impressive! I can’t believe you got another girl with you so soon! You really are a gigolo!” James mocked. At the same time, he was envious of him.

“Damn it! I’m much more incredible and yet I still don’t have a girlfriend. And yet, this piece of trash changes his girls every time I meet him. First, it was the queen of business, Natasha. Now he has this new pretty girl! The world is so unfair!” James thought to himself.

“Oi! Was it the two of you making a ruckus?!” Julie scanned Dustin and Ruth, looking annoyed.

“It was me.”

Ruth stepped forward and chirped, “Boss, This Lumianth Root is ours. Name a price.”

“Humph! Do you think it’s yours if you say so? Who do you think you are?”

Julie said in an unfriendly tone, “Let me tell you, I already paid five million dollars for this Lumianth Root!”

“Pretty lady, we need this Luminianth Root urgently. I hope you can do us a favor.” Ruth asked kindly.

“Who are you to be asking me for a favor? Scram!” Julie was stubborn and ruthless.

“Hm? Boss, she offered five million dollars, right? I’ll give you eight million dollars!” Ruth frowned and declared boldly.

“Eight million dollars?!”

Everyone was shocked at the number. Especially the shop owner. His eyes were sparkling with excitement.

The other customers were also watching the scene, amused.

“Hey! What are you doing? You’re picking a fight on purpose, aren’t you?!” Julie’s face darkened.

“This precious treasure deserves such a high price. Do you have a problem with that?” Ruth was only doing what she thought was right.

“Bitch! You want to play this game? Fine! I’ll pay ten million dollars!” Julie yelled.

Florence’s face turned as pale as a ghost as she heard that.

Five million dollars was already her limit. Ten million dollars would cost more than her fortune.

Without hesitation, Ruth replied, “I’ll pay 12 million dollars then.”

“15 million dollars! End this deal now! Boss! You know the first come first serve policy. This Luminianth Root is already mine. If you dare to sell it to someone else, I’ll destroy this shop of yours!” Julie roared and snatched the wooden box before everyone could say a word.

“Alright, alright. Luminianth Root is yours!” The shop owner agreed reluctantly. But the truth was, he was extremely happy.

“Boss, why are you selling it to her? I can give you 12 million dollars!” Ruth was not pleased with the outcome.

“It’s not about the money. Business is about credibility. This lady ordered the Luminianth Root first, so it should be hers.” The shop owner played along with Julie.

“Did you hear that? So what if you have money? What’s mine is mine, you can’t take it from me!“Julie smiled joyfully as if she had won a battle.

On the other hand, Florence who was standing behind Julie was devastated.

15 million dollars!

She was going to be broke!

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