122 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 122

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 122

Seeing Julie’s joyful face, Ruth clenched her teeth and held back her anger.

“Pretty lady, I really need this Luminianth Root. Can’t you just sell it to me? I’ll pay you 20 million!” Ruth tried her best to rein in her emotions.

“So what if you have money? You want my Luminianth Root? Dream on!” Julle hugged the wooden box closer to her body, looking proud of herself.


Ruth was at her limit. She had never been treated like this before ever since a young age.

In the end, she gave up. “Dustin! I don’t care anymore! You handle it yourself!”

Looking at the situation, Dustin could only ask, “Julie, what are you planning to use the Luminianth Root for?”

“That’s none of your damn business!”

Julie glared at him and declared firmly. “Listen up you guys, I will never sell the Luminianth Root to you guys no matter what you say!”

“That is a huge Luminianth Root. You won’t be able to finish it if you’re planning to use it as a medicine-”

Before Dustin could finish, Julie interrupted rudely. “Shut up! So what if I can’t finish using it? Even if I waste it and have no use for it, I will never sell it to you guys!”

Dustin frowned at her words. He never imagined her to be so unreasonable and petty.

“Boss! Card!” Julie snatched the card from Florence’s hand and passed it to the shop owner swiftly.

No matter what, she wouldn’t go back on her words!

“Julie! Well, 15 million dollars is too much, don’t you think?” Florence’s legs almost gave away.

That was her entire fortune!

“Aunt Florence, it’s just 15 million dollars. It’s nothing. When I earn money, I’ll double it and give it back to you!” Julie promised confidently.

The corner of Florence’s lips twitched as she heard that.

“Don’t know how many blue moons it would take for you to earn that huge amount of money.” Florence thought to herself.

After the transaction was done, Julie was in high spirits. She mocked Ruth and Dustin, “You guys haven’t seen anything precious like this, have you? I’ll be kind and let you guys see it for the first time!”

After finishing her sentence, she immediately opened the wooden box.

Everyone peeked into the box, and the only thing they could see was a Luminianth Root that was the size of a palm.

The Luminianth Root was dark greyish. Its flesh was scrawny and wilted. It looked dry and had no signs of life.

Upon contact, the root crumbles into powder. A piece of its surface falls out.


Julie frowned and asked, “Boss, are you sure this is Luminianth Root? Why does it look so suspicious?”

The item in front of her was way different from what she had expected.

“Of course! I harvested this Luminianth Root myself yesterday! It’s definitely the real thing!” The shop owner grinned.

“Why does it look like it’s dead?” Julie was suspicious.

“Boss! Did you just scam us by selling us a fake Luminianth Root?” Florence was shocked and worried.

“How could I?”

The shop owner smiled meekly. “This Luminianth Root is definitely real. It’s just a little ugly, but it is still the real deal”

“Boss, that isn’t ethical of you.”

Dahlia looked at the Luminianth Root and pointed out “It is a Luminianth Root, but this one is obviously wilted. There’s no sign of life at all. It’s the same as a piece of wood. How could you sell it for such a high price?

“What? A piece of wood?!”

Florence and Julie were shocked to the core when they heard this.

No wonder it didn’t look right. It was a defective product.

“Damn you fatty! You lied to us! Hurry and give our money back!” Florence roared, her face red from anger.

“That’s right! Hurry up and give us a refund!”

After coming back to her senses, Julie chimed in.

Did he really think he could scam her 15 million dollars for a piece of trash?!

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