120 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 120

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 120

“Julie! Don’t be mad, calm down!”

Florence quickly stopped Julie and smiled. “Isn’t it just a few million dollars? I’ll lend it to you! We’re all family after all. There’s no need to fight.”

“Mom! Why are you playing along with her?” James frowned.

“Julie is my only niece. Now that she’s in a pinch, who would help her if not me?” Florence stated the facts.

“Are you sure this is someone who needs help?” James was displeased.

“Shut it!” Florence glared at her son. “I’m not using your money. Can’t I use my own money?”

“You-!” James was shocked.

“Is she still my mother?” James wondered.

She treated a niece better than her own son.

“Aunt Florence treats me the best!” Julie chirped with a smile on her face.

This was not her first time acting like this. It was effective every single time.

“Of course, who’d treat you well other than me? Let’s go, we’ll buy you the Lumianth Root.”

Florence grabbed Juile’s hand and entered Emporium.

“Sis! You’re not going to stop mom?” James was worried.

“What’s the use of stopping her? This isn’t her first time doing such a thing.” Dahlia already gave up.

Her mother had been treating her sister’s family like this for a long time.

The only problem was their despicable attitude, exploiting her mother’s kindness.

“Hey, boss!” Julie immediately called out confidently while entering the shop.

“Welcome! What can I get for my distinguished guests?”

A middle–aged man with a big belly walked forward to greet his customers.

“A little bird told me that you sell Luminianth Root here. Is that true?” Julie sat down on one of the chairs in the shop.

“Miss, this bird of yours must be very efficient at its job! We do sell them here. In fact, it just arrived yesterday.” The shop owner spoke truthfully.

“Really? How do you plan to sell them?” Julie continued asking.

“This Luminianth Root is not that cheap. We’re planning to hold an auction for it.” The shop owner replied.

“Auctions are too much of a hassle. Why don’t you just sell it to me? It saves you the money to hold an auction.” Julie tried to convince the shop owner.

“But The shop owner was troubled.

“What? Do you think I can’t afford it? Say it. How much are you planning to sell this for?” Julle asked.

“If miss truly wants to buy it, I wouldn’t try to stop you. I just need this much.” The plump shop owner held up five of his fingers.

“Five million? That’s expensive?!”

Florence immediately froze in place.

Although she expected it, she was still shocked when she heard the price.

“Five million already includes a discount for our friendship. If I were to auction this, I probably would earn five to six times this price. This is also an early price, otherwise, it wouldn’t be so low.” The shop owner shook his head.

“Can’t you lower the price a bit? This amount is too high.” Florence tried to negotiate with him.

“I can’t do that. This precious gem cost me a lot of fortune. To be honest, if I encounter someone who needs this, it wouldn’t even be a problem to sell it for a hundred million dollars.” The shop owner said with a serious face.


Before Florence could finish her sentence, Julie interrupted her. “Alright, alright! Aunt Florence, we shouldn’t be too sensitive! Isn’t it just five million dollars? We’re buying it!”

“Miss, I love your attitude! I will get someone to bring over the Luminiath Root right away!” The shop owner smiled from ear to ear as he signaled the man behind him.

The man immediately understood and ran upstairs.

After a while, he came back and presented a big wooden box.

“Inside is the Luminianth Root. Miss, will you be paying by card or cash?” The shop owner grinned, pleased with the transaction.


Julie said without any remorse, “Go ahead, Aunt Florence.”

The corner of Florence’s lips twitched as she painfully reached into her bag for a card.

As they were finishing up the transaction, a woman’s voice yelled from outside.

“Wait! That Luminianth Root is ours!”

Everyone looked towards the voice, and immediately, a man and woman walked into the shop.

It was Dustin and Ruth.

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