My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

by Ana Silva

Chapter – 49

Juliana was in the midst of having a drink when she received Athena’s call. Athena didn’t delve into details but transferred some money to Juliana and instructed her to use it to treat those who had helped them.

With her tasks completed, Athena began the process of packing her belongings. As she sorted through her clothes, a diamond cufflink slipped out from an outfit she had worn the previous day. She paused, picking it up. The cufflink had caught her eye in a designer store during a business trip with Byron to Switzerland. Enamored by it, she had impulsively bought it, despite its significant cost – an expenditure that seemed ridiculous in retrospect.

Athena realized that she had been too aware of her own position, fearing that giving such a gift to Byron might be deemed inappropriate. She had never summoned the courage to offer him the cufflink. During the business trip, when Byron had spent the night with her, Athena had subtly attached the cufflink to the cuff of his suit.

Clutching the cufflink in her hand, Athena felt its sharp edges press against her palm. Having finished packing her bags, she checked out of the hotel and ordered a nutritious meal at the restaurant.

As she began to eat, the group chat for the “Miserable Office of the President” suddenly buzzed with activity.

Gordon: [It’s rumored that Mr. Crawford will announce his engagement officially tomorrow!] Lucky: [Mr. Crawford has been absent from the company for days. Word is he’s helping his fiancée choose a wedding dress!] Zander: [Did you see the engagement ring? Overseas bloggers leaked the news! Mr. Crawford commissioned a massive diamond ring for his fiancée!]

Zander included pictures of the diamond ring in his message.

Gordon: [What a huge diamond!] Lucky: [Your shallowness knows no bounds!]

Athena examined the pictures of the diamond ring, then glanced at the diamond cufflink she held. The lavish engagement ring made her undelivered gift seem rather modest in comparison.

Just as she was about to put away her phone, she received a message from Byron.

[Remove me from the blocklist.]

Athena contemplated the message silently before typing a reply.

[Mr. Crawford, I have completed all the work related to the Salin City infrastructure project.]

Before Byron could respond, she sent another message.

I’ve transferred all my work notes related to secretarial matters to Miss Holland. I’ve successfully handed over all my responsibilities and won’t be returning to the company. Regarding the position of Executive President, after careful consideration, I believe it’s best suited for someone with greater capability. Mr. Crawford, I suggest you consider other candidates.

Byron attempted to call her, but Athena disconnected the call and promptly blocked his number. She powered off her phone and stowed it in her bag, then finished her meal leisurely.

A short while later, another call came in. The driver who would take her to the airport was on the line, notifying her of his early arrival.

“Already? It’s twenty minutes ahead of schedule,” Athena noted.

“I just dropped off a passenger at the airport. If you’re not in a hurry, I can wait for you for 20 minutes,” the driver explained.

Athena considered this and decided that waiting in the car wouldn’t make much difference.

“No, I’m on my way down now.”

She maintained caution as she approached the car, verifying the license plate to ensure it was the one she had arranged for.

The driver exited the vehicle to place her suitcase in the trunk, and Athena settled into the backseat. The car soon merged onto the highway, embarking on the journey to the airport.

As they drove, Athena received a call from Evie. The conversation included confirmation of her flight’s landing time and a plan for Evie to pick her up. Amidst her complaints about her new company, Evie managed to lift Athena’s spirits.

Gazing out of the window during the call, Athena spotted a highway sign passing by.

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After the Breakup by Ana Silva

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ana Silva

Native Language: English

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