My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

by Ana Silva

Chapter – 44

Athena found herself speechless in response to his words.

She responded in a nonchalant manner, “Interesting.”

Turning away, she entered the conference room. She had learned not to take Gideon’s flirtatious remarks too seriously. She remembered his words from that day, when he had seemingly shown interest and made playful advances. Back then, Gideon had even suggested he’d offer her more money if she were to date him.

People from the headquarters had arrived. While most of the engineering department was out on the construction site, they had swiftly gathered in the conference room upon receiving Matt’s notification. The presence of higher-ups from headquarters was not something anyone dared to ignore.

“Miss Newton, everyone is present except those who are currently out purchasing items,” Matt stated, wiping the sweat from his forehead. “Regarding Mr. Butler’s situation, we…”

Matt hadn’t finished speaking when everyone’s mobile phones began to vibrate. People pulled out their phones, their expressions quickly turning to shock and disbelief.

Gideon had shared the information Carlos had provided, exposing the actions of those implicated in the embezzlement.

“Framing! He’s trying to frame me!”

“I didn’t commit these acts. Carlos has lost his mind. His accusations are false!”

“Mr. Hale, Miss Newton, you have to believe us!”

“I’ve been with the Crawford Group for over ten years after transferring from Girard City.”

“Enough,” Athena knocked on the table, silencing the growing clamor.

The room gradually quietened down. People blushed, their voices falling away from their previous fervor. While some wore expressions of guilt, others maintained an air of being wrongly accused.

“As the saying goes, there’s nothing new under the sun,” Athena said slowly. “Carlos has provided us with detailed accounts. Do you believe we couldn’t uncover the truth?”

Hearing this, those who had been eager to defend themselves now hesitated, their words faltering.

“You all probably weren’t very careful in your actions. And it’s not that difficult to unearth what you’ve done.”

“Miss Newton, I only took a total of half a million dollars! I was coerced into it!” One individual stood up impatiently and cried out, “I haven’t spent a penny of that money. It’s all in my wife’s account. I’ll refund the entire amount to the company. Please, spare me from being reported to the police!”

This act set an example, prompting others to follow suit. People began to stand up and volunteer to return the money they had embezzled.

However, some had already spent the money on purchasing homes, cars, or lavish indulgences.

Seated amidst the crowd, they felt a sense of impending doom.

“I have a general understanding of your situation,” Athena addressed the gathering. “Many of you were led astray by Carlos.”

“Yes! That’s right! Miss Newton, you’ve hit the nail on the head!”

“Mr. Butler assured us we’d be safe if we all participated.”

“Indeed.” Athena nodded. “I have an idea. While our president might not entirely approve of it, it’s better than witnessing all of you facing ruin.”

“Miss Newton, please share your idea. We’ll cooperate.”

Athena sighed, “First, each of you must return the embezzled funds to the company. Do any of you object?”

“Of course not! I’ll return it immediately!”

“Yes, I’ll arrange for my wife to transfer the money!”

“But Miss Newton, I can’t afford to repay such a large sum right now.”

“You can pay in installments. As long as you show genuine remorse, I’ll be confident enough to plead your case to the president.”

Athena’s approach seemed fair. Fearing the prospect of prison, everyone eagerly agreed. Even those who weren’t present at the meeting room at the moment made calls to Athena, pleading for a chance and shedding tears in their desperation.

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After the Breakup by Ana Silva

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ana Silva

Native Language: English

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