My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

by Ana Silva

Chapter – 14

A Rat

Over ten minutes later.

Eric hung up the phone.

Then, he looked at the crowd surrounding him.

“She lied, didn’t she?” Esme asked.

While dealing with the project with Maxwell Electronics, she made a lot of effort and was only able to get in touch with the vice president of Maxwell Electronics.

Esme thought Athena was just eye candy kept by Byron.

She didn’t believe that Athena could get in touch with the reclusive Brad.

Eric shook his head blankly. “No… Maxwell Electronics has indeed adopted our plan.”

There was silence for a moment.

Then, the group of people screamed and laughed, feeling overjoyed!

“Um, something is wrong. Isn’t it said that Athena colluded with outsiders and changed our data? Then why did she help us get the deal back?” Esme interrupted everyone’s ecstasy.

“The answer is simple. I heard that Mr. Crawford is going to send her to prison. She must be scared!” Dylan Jackson, Eric’s assistant, sneered. “Now that she is dumped by Mr. Crawford and has no backer. Of course, she dares not really let anything be wrong with our deal!”

“You have a point…” Esme nodded.

“Eric, what should we do now?” Dylan looked at Eric. “She is still in the meeting room.”

Because the big deal was gotten back, Eric’s face was full of smiles.

“She must want me to apologize to her.” Eric was cheerful.

“No way. The data went wrong because of her!” Dylan said in a deep voice.

“That’s right!” Esme also muttered.

The rest also echoed.

People in the sales department were the most united and the most protective of others on their side.

So, they wouldn’t let Athena bully Eric.

These people followed Eric into the meeting room.

“Have you checked it?” Athena was playing with her phone and didn’t raise her head.

Eric nodded. “Miss Newton, it can be considered that you have made up for your mistakes.”

Athena’s fingers paused, and she looked sideways at Eric.

“What mistakes did I make?”

“Don’t think you can look away from the wrong data!” Dylan said loudly.

When the rest of the others heard it, they also echoed loudly!

Athena smiled instead of getting angry.

“You are very united.”

“All people in our department are of a mind!” Esme proudly replied with her hands on her hips.

“Fine.” Athena knocked on the table. “Sit down, you all. I’ve made some minor changes to the plan…”

“Who allowed you to change our plan?” Esme was angry after hearing it.

This plan was the half-a-year hard work of her teammates and especially her.

Esme couldn’t accept that Athena made some changes.

without asking them about it.

“I had to do it. Mr. Maxwell is interested in this revised plan.” Athena looked at Esme. Her tone was soft, but her momentum was indeed overwhelming.

Esme could say nothing.

“Everyone, I appreciate your cohesion. But in a company, the interests of the company are the most important.” Athena glanced at the crowd. “There are four hours until three o’clock in the afternoon. You want to spend all the hours confronting me?”

Everyone didn’t know what to say.

They all sat down.

Athena directly got to the point.

After showing her presentation, she started explaining the changes she made to the plan.

All the members of the sales department were unconvinced at the beginning.

They thought Athena was just eye candy, a secretary who was rumored to be kept by Byron, and could not compare with them.

All of them were brilliant students graduating from the Ivy League.

However, after a while. These proud brilliant students sat up straight one after another, and their expressions gradually became serious.

When encountering unclear points, they would raise their hands to ask Athena for help.

During the meeting, the sandwiches and coffee that Athena ordered in advance were also delivered.

But they were not given time to rest.

They continued while eating.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, the meeting ended.

“It’s almost time. Mr. Lane, get ready to go with me.”

Athena put away her laptop and got up.

Dylan suddenly asked, “Are you going too?”

“Of course.” Athena looked at him.

Athena was very beautiful, especially her eyes.

But at this moment, Dylan felt a chill on his back inexplicably when she glanced at him.

“Eric, it’s not appropriate for her to go with us. After all, she…”
“The data went wrong because of someone inside you,” Athena interrupted him calmly, “So, I won’t allow only you to go to Maxwell Electronics with the plan.”

She was so straightforward.

It made all the people from the sales department stunned.

“Bullshit!” Dylan scolded angrily.

However, Eric changed his opinion of Athena after he listened to Athena’s explanation of the plan.

When he came into contact with Athena before, he felt that Athena thought of everything while dealing with her work.

But he was biased, thinking that Athena got her current status relying on Byron.

Now he changed his mind. He could tell that the changes. Athena made to the plan were all minor details.

But there was no doubt that they made the whole plan better meet the needs of the customer and more perfect.

“Since Miss Newton convinced Mr. Maxwell, it makes no sense not to take Miss Newton with us when signing the contract,” Eric said.

“Eric, you don’t believe her words, saying that there is a rat in our team, do you?” Esme asked in surprise.

Athena didn’t want to get involved in their internal discussion.

“See you in the garage in fifteen minutes.”

Athena picked up her laptop and left without looking back.

She looked very cool.

Athena lost her office, so she had no place to stay.

She went downstairs directly and went to the convenience store downstairs of the company.

She bought a bottle of water.

Then, she took out a pill box.

Inside were tablets in different compartments.

She threw the folic acid, multivitamins, and calcium tablets for pregnant women into her mouth and swallowed them with water.

She had a bad appetite lately.

The sandwich at noon was obviously her favorite.

But when she smelled the salmon inside, she felt sick and didn’t have a single bite.

“Miss Newton?”

Athena turned her head.

Then she saw Liam and several colleagues from the Office of the President standing behind her.

Athena put away the pill box and smiled.

“Is there anything wrong with you? Why are you taking medicine?” Liam asked.

“I’m a little anemic, so the doctor prescribed some vitamins and blood supplements,” Athena replied calmly. “Why are you here?”

“Oh, what bad luck. Miss Holland can do nothing. She made us a mess, and we have been cleaning it up. Until now, we have time to come downstairs to have lunch.” A girl was extremely frustrated.

“She is just a newcomer. It will get better soon.” Athena comforted her.

“Let’s stop talking about that jinx! Miss Newton, I heard that you helped the sales department take back the project.” The girl’s eyes sparkled.

Athena nodded. “I’m going to Maxwell Electronics to sign the contract soon.”

“Miss Newton, well done!” Liam gave a thumbs-up.

After talking to them a few more while, Athena left.

Before leaving the convenience store, she made a rough estimate of the things in the hands of those people and paid the cashier 300 dollars.

These people from the Office of the President always treated her very well.

This time, she resigned because of her personal relationship with Byron, which caused them a lot of trouble.

She felt somewhat guilty.

When Liam and the others were having the check, they learned that Athena had already paid for their things.

Then, they thanked Athena and were unwilling to let her leave.

When they were back to the office, they were still talking about Athena.

Byron just came out of the office and heard their words. “I remember that Miss Newton can’t bear the bitter taste. She must feel suffered from taking so many pills! Oh, I will buy some candy for her!”

Liam saw Byron.

He immediately stood up straight. “Mr. Crawford.”

The rest of the people also hurriedly stood up. “Mr. Crawford…”

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After the Breakup by Ana Silva

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ana Silva

Native Language: English

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