My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

by Ana Silva

Chapter – 13

Ruby Planned to Blacken Athena

Athena had fallen on a hard time and had a lot on her mind recently.

Last night, she rarely felt care and warmth from the fireworks and Gabe’s concern.

She thought about it.

Then, she took the paper bag from Gabe.

“Thank you. I will pick out a good birthday present for you.”

“Hmm!” Gabe nodded hard.

At this time, the drunk woman in the car unbuckled her seat belt, leaned to the window on this side, and stuck her face on the window.

Gabe covered his heart, startled.

“Don’t be afraid. This is my friend. She is drunk,” Athena said hastily.

It’s Okay. You go таке CAer!

“I’ll wait for your news!”


Athena went around to the other side, got into the car, and dragged Evie back.

“There is a handsome guy! He is so handsome! I have to catch him in the car and bring him home!” Evie yelled vaguely.

Athena quickly caught her back. “Good girl, there is no handsome guy. You saw the wrong guy!”

While saying these words, Athena fastened Evie’s seat belt.

“Gavin, let’s go!”

Gavin quickly started the car and made a beautiful U-turn.

Gabe was still standing there. His clear light blue eyes were shining brightly when he smiled and waved at Athena.

The off-road Mercedes left the pier gracefully.

Gabe let out a long breath.

He felt lucky that he caught up with Athena!

Hearing the familiar voice, she turned her head and saw Gabe, the young master of the Chambers family, who was calling Athena’s name and running toward Athena.

Later, she saw the two of them talking with each other, but she didn’t hear what they said.

And she saw Gabe hand Athena a bag with the logo of the jewelry brand his family ran on it.

The lowest price of the jewelry was tens of thousands of dollars.

Since Gabe sent the jewelry to Athena, Ruby thought it must be precious.

She thought Athena strung Byron along and, at the same time, messed around with Gabe!

Ruby felt furious and she thought Athena was very shameless!

Ruby decided not to let Athena get what she wanted and be smug!

So, Ruby went straight to Gabe, trying to expose Athena’s true colors!

“Mr. Chambers,” Ruby stammered.

Gabe was still at a loss. “You are?”

Ruby was stunned.

And she wondered why Gabe couldn’t tell she looked somewhat similar to Athena.

“Mr. Chambers, don’t be fooled by Athena!” Ruby couldn’t care too much and went straight to the point.

Gabe, who was at a loss just now, turned serious in an instant.

“Who are you? If you want to speak ill of Athena to me, then you’d better give up!” After speaking, Gabe was about to leave.

Ruby felt confused.

She had once heard about the rumors that the young master of the Chambers family was a fool.

Now, Ruby thought it might be true.

If it wasn’t for Byron being richer than the Chambers family, she would have wanted to change her target!

However, even if she couldn’t change her target, she thought she could keep Gabe as a backup.

“Mr. Chambers, do you know that Athena has been kept by Byron for five years?”

This time, Gabe stopped his footsteps.

Ruby continued, “Back then, she was willing to sell herself to Byron for money. Recently, Byron has gotten tired of her and dumped her. Unexpectedly, you have become her target now. I can’t bear to see you being fooled by her, so I come to tell you the truth!”

Gabe was silent for a moment and then raised his eyes to look at her. “So what?”

Ruby was stunned.


“Miss, I will never know the person I like from others’ gossip.”

After Gabe finished speaking, he bypassed Ruby and left.

Ruby stood in place.

She felt chill all over her body.

She couldn’t understand why Athena was so attractive.

Except for Byron and Gabe, even Gideon protected Athena consciously or unconsciously!

Athena sent Evie home.

She hurried back to her residence, ready to change her clothes and then go to the company.

She had settled the business with Maxwell Electronics. To prevent further problems, she had to accompany the people from the sales department to Maxwell Electronics to sign the contract.

When Athena opened the door to the cloakroom, she froze for a moment.

Although she rarely went to Byron’s home, Byron came to her home often.

At first, he didn’t stay overnight.

Later, he would stay overnight. And later, he would occasionally spend weekends here.

Byron got tired of eating dishes made by Michelin chefs after eating too much of them made by her.

Therefore, there were a lot of Byron’s things in her residence.

His leather shoes, sneakers, and slippers were in the shoe cabinet.

His razor, and shower gel, were in the bathroom.

Half of the cloakroom was filled with his suits.

Thinking of this in her mind, Athena had the illusion of living with Byron in a trance.

“I have to find a new house as soon as possible,” she muttered.

Then, she took a set of clothes from the place farthest from Byron’s suits and put them on.

In Imbe Group.

The members of Eric’s team didn’t feel any joy of in coming weekend.

They were all depressed.

“Why are you acting so dejected? We just lost a deal. It doesn’t mean we don’t need any performances.”

When Eric came back from the outside and saw his subordinates like this, he put his hands on his hips and started cursing!

“Eric, before the higher-ups dealt with Miss Newton, I can’t get rid of the anger in my heart and am in no mood to do anything!”

“That’s right! Eric, look at the dark circles under my eyes! Even Aesthetic Medicine is useless for me!”

Everyone responded in a hurry.

“Relax. Mr. Crawford has given her three days. Now that the deal is gone, the game is over. She can’t escape!” Eric frowned tightly.

At this time, the door of the sales department was pushed open.

“Who can’t escape?”

A cold voice came from the door.

Everyone looked over in unison.

They saw Athena with curly hair standing there, holding a folder, and carrying a laptop up department?” The beauty, who had dark circles under her eyes, jumped up and was about to rush towards Athena.

She started this project first.

And she would get the most from the performance.

She was optimistic about the location to buy a house!

“Esme! Calm down! Beating someone is against the law!” Several colleagues stopped her.

Athena was calm.

“Who told you the deal is gone?”

Hearing this, Esme Green became furious.

“Who told me? The vice president of Maxwell Electronics told me himself! He almost threw the project book in my face!”

Thinking of the embarrassing scene at that time, Esme was very angry!

“Oh?” Athena raised her hand and shook the folder in her hand. “But Mr. Maxwell’s assistant just informed me that we can go to Maxwell Electronics at three o’clock in the afternoon to discuss the signing of the contract.”

“Mr. Maxwell. Brad Maxwell, what…”

Before Esme was about to say what Brad was, she suddenly realized.

Esme’s eyes widened. “Who is it? Brad Maxwell?”

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After the Breakup by Ana Silva

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ana Silva

Native Language: English

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