My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

by Ana Silva

Chapter – 12

Byron Made up His Mind

In the bathroom.

The sound of water was pattering.

It was starting to get cold in the nights of Autumn.

But Byron still had cold water running on his head.

In Byron’s mind, Athena’s every frown and smile became the look that she shed tears and looked humiliated, frightened, and desperate while looking at him.

The more Byron thought about it, the more flustered he became.

At this time, the doorbell rang endlessly.

Hearing it, Byron was getting more and more irritable.

After swearing, he turned off the water, put on his bathrobe, and strode out.

He opened the door.

Then, he saw Gideon.

“What do you want?” Byron asked coldly.

“I just met Athena at the elevator!”

When Byron heard Gideon mention Athena, his face became even gloomier. And he planned to close the door.

“Her dress was torn. And she seemed to have cried, making her look so pitiful!” Gideon said hastily against the door.

Hearing this, Byron suddenly felt guilty.

He kept silent for a while.

Then, he frowned and asked, “Did she say anything?”

“Um… she said you had bullied her,” Gideon said slowly.

Byron clenched his fists.


How could she say that what I did was to bully her?

I have done something more exaggerated to her in the past. How come she can’t bear it now and said that I bullied her?”

Byron thought.

Byron couldn’t figure it out.

He didn’t understand why he could do a similar thing to her in the past, but now he couldn’t!

He wondered whether everything would stay the same as before if he didn’t get married.

As soon as Byron thought of this, he felt his heart suddenly tremble.

“Not getting married?

How can I not get married?

The marriage between the Ross family and the Crawford family is a win-win business.

How can I not get married because of Athena?

It is absurd!

Am I crazy because Athena has been acting weird?” Byron thought.

“Do you have anything else to say?” Byron raised his eyes. His aura attacked Gideon indiscriminately.

Gideon was a little frightened.

He and Byron grew up together.

Byron was always decisive, and he had been acting this way in recent years.

Gradually, Gideon became kind of scared of him.


Byron closed the door.

He walked to the sofa, took a look, and then walked around to sit down on the sofa by the window.

After a long time, fireworks were set off outside the window to celebrate Gabe’s birthday.

Byron’s eyes fell on a place not far away.

On the carpet, there was a pearl earring.

The image of its owner wearing it came to his mind.

Athena returned to her room. After taking off her dress, she immediately went into the bathroom.

The warm water washed over her body.

She thought since she left, someone else had to help Byron vent his desire.

Athena believed Ruby could finally get what she wanted tonight.

Some pictures couldn’t help appearing in Athena’s mind.

Athena felt sick.

She vigorously rubbed the parts that Byron had touched.

She kept rubbing until her skin turned red.

After she got out of the bathroom, she picked up her phone from the ground.

There were six missed calls.

Two of them were from Gabe, and the rest four of them were from Evie.

Athena replied to Evie on WhatsApp: [I was taking a shower.]

After thinking about it, she called Gabe back.

It rang for a while, and then Gabe answered the phone.

“Athena, walk to the window. The fireworks will be set off soon!”

Athena was very tired.

But out of politeness, she replied gently, “Okay. Thank you for reminding me.”

“Have you walked to the window?” Gabe asked happily.

Athena got up and walked slowly to the window. “Yes.”

“Well. Set off the fireworks now!”

Athena was taken aback.

She wondered if Gabe was waiting for her before starting to set off the fireworks.

Just with a whistling sound, the blossoming fireworks lit up the night sky in an instant. The magnificent colors made it beautiful.

“Athena, do you like it?” Gabe asked.

Athena had been greatly wronged, and there were bursts of sourness in her heart.

“Yes. Thank you, Gabe.”

Then, she paused.

She remembered that today was Gabe’s birthday.

So, she added, “Gabe, happy birthday.”

Of course, Gabe was happy.

He felt the happiest on his twentieth birthday.

was a pity for him that this year, he could not spend his birthday on Black Beach, where he had dreamed of visiting.

However, he was lucky. And he got a surprise.

A beautiful princess, like what was written in a fairy tale, came out of the small window and broke into his ordinary life.

He thought it was the best birthday present.

Not far away, Gabe’s parents stood together.

They were looking at Gabe, who smirked while holding his phone.

“I heard that Gabe has been close to an unknown woman tonight.” Sadie Chambers, Gabe’s mother, looked at Gabe with a worried expression.

But Patrick Chambers didn’t think it was a big deal.

“As a man, he can have many women. If he likes it, just let him have fun. He can stop it when he marries a woman from our business alliances in the future.”

Sadie didn’t say anything.

But she scolded Patrick hard in her heart, “You scumbag, you already suck. But you want to harm my son! How shameless!”

A night of orgy was over.

The driver of Evie’s family in off-road Mercedes was waiting at the pier.

Byron was the first to leave.

When getting in the car, he saw the off-road Mercedes.

He subconsciously glanced at it sideways, and then his eyes dimmed.

He remembered he had seen this license plate… He had seen.

Athena being picked up by this car at the company last time.

Byron glanced at the driver’s seat.

He saw a skinny middle-aged man in a leather jacket who was watching short videos.

“Mr. Crawford?” Liam cautiously called Byron.

Byron looked away and got into the car with a cold face.

He had made up his mind last night.

He decided to ignore everything about Athena in the future because his relationship with her ended.

He would distinguish between Freya and Athena.

And he would no longer misplace his feelings for Freya on Athena.

Byron’s car drove away from the pier.

Evie leaned on Athena’s body. And they got off the yacht.

Seeing them, the driver immediately turned off his mobile phone, opened the car door, and ran over.

“Gavin, you look so cool in this leather jacket!” Evie patted Gavin on the shoulder.

Gavin blushed immediately and scratched his head, feeling shy. “My daughter bought it for me as a birthday present. Miss Cross, stop making fun of me!”

“Honey, I’m feeling unwell!”


Evie turned her head to look at Athena.

She was so drunk that her eyes couldn’t focus at the moment.

“Hey, get in the car. You’ll feel better after getting in the car,” Athena coaxed her. Evie nodded aggrievedly.

Athena helplessly helped her into the car and fastened her seat belt. Then Athena closed the door and prepared to get in the car from the other side.

Just when she got to the door, someone called her from behind.

Athena turned her head.

Then she saw Gabe running toward her, wearing a simple tracksuit and messy curly hair.

Before leaving, Athena sent a message to thank Gabe and say goodbye out of politeness.

Gabe ran up to her, bent down, and supported his knees with his palms. He was already out of breath and couldn’t speak.

“Mr. Chambers, why are you…” Athena was astonished.

“Call… call me Gabe!” Gabe said with difficulty.

Athena was amused by his silly appearance. “Okay, Gabe.”

Gabe got back his breath after a while.

“I am coming to see you off.” Gabe stood up straight.

He was tall. When he stood up straight and looked at Athena, he had to lower his eyes.

Hearing this, Athena felt kind of speechless.

“Here you are.” Gabe handed Athena the paper bag with the logo of the jewelry company that was run by his family on it. “This is a return gift for my birthday.”

“I can’t take it!” After finishing speaking, Athena leaned closer to Gabe and said in a low voice, “I came to your birthday party without having an invitation letter. And I didn’t prepare a gift for you…”

Gabe interrupted with a smile, “It’s Okay. As for the birthday present, you can make it up later!”

After a pause, he seemed to have thought of something, and he added, “And the meal you mentioned!”

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After the Breakup by Ana Silva

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ana Silva

Native Language: English

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