Chapter 995

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“Dustin, if you found any treasure, just hand them over. Your life is more important,” Emily

couldn’t help but worry.

“That’s right, Dustin! Treasures are all material possessions. It’s far less important than your life!”

Vanessa was worried, too.

“Rhys! A wise person knows when to surrender. The Venerable Crane is not someone you can go


“Just admit to your mistakes and hand over the treasures. Everyone would be happy that way,‘

Nathan warned him as well.

He wasn’t sure if Dustin had the Celestial Pearl with him, but Dustin had other valuable items.

There was only one way out for him: to give up the treasures to save his life.

“I don’t have any treasure. But even if I did, I would never hand them over,” Dustin gave his final


“The fuck? Did he talk back? This kid has nerves of steel!”

“Hmph! Driven by greed, he doesn’t even care about his life! He deserves to die!”

Dustin’s response sparked discontent among the martial artists. It also angered Theodore. His last bit of patience had worn away.

“You little prick! You won’t listen, huh? Then I’ll take it from you!” Theodore’s anger had reached its peak.

He concentrated his energy on his feet and flew forward like a shadow toward Dustin. His hand aimed straight for Dustin’s throat with enough force to crush steel.

“This is bad!”

Emily and her group watched in horror. They could feel their hearts drop to their stomachs.

“Now suffer the consequences for defying Sir Crane!”

The crowd mocked gloatingly. Just when everyone thought Dustin was done for, Dustin suddenly made a move,

Instead of retreating, he shot forward like a missile and punched Theodore.

Their collision was like a bomb exploding, a thundering boom echoing across the scene.

A violent surge of energy befitting a grandmaster erupted when they collided. It created a surging wave that swept outward.

The trees were uprooted, and debris flew everywhere.

The martial artists closest to them were lifted before crashing onto the ground.

After they collided, Dustin staggered backward several steps. Each step left a deep imprint on the


On the other hand, Theodore was forcibly pushed back more than ten feet away. His feet sunk into the ground and hollowed out two twin furrows on the ground.

He only came to a stop after crashing into a large tree.


The crowd was dumbfounded. This was completely unexpected.

What happened?

Shouldn’t Theodore have Dustin crushed? Why did he end up at a disadvantage instead?

What exactly happened?

“Are my eyes playing tricks on me? This brat is stronger than the Venerable Crane?”

“I–impossible! How old is he? He won’t be that good even if he started training in his mother’s belly!”

“Damn it! I’ve never seen anything like it. Could that brat be a grandmaster, too?”

“Wait! I remember now! It seems like he’s that revered young grandmaster who killed Augustus Kline some time back!”

“What? He’s a young grandmaster?”

“Oh my God! He’s an absolute monster!”

After a brief moment of silence, the crowd exploded in an uproar.

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