Chapter 993

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Chapter 993

Theodore had an icy expression as he rebuked his disciples.

“Master, you have a point.” Skycrane’s leader smiled apologetically, appearing submissive.

The crowd broke out in whispers when they noticed his behavior.

“It can’t be. Is that the legendary Venerable Crane?”

“The Venerable Crane has secluded himself for many years, paying no attention to worldly affairs.

I didn’t expect to see him here today.”

“Even the Venerable Crane is after Madam Iris’ treasures!”

Theodore’s arrival shifted the dynamics of the situation.

Although Walter had become a grandmaster, he was still relatively new. In contrast, Theodore was

a veteran grandmaster whose reputation had spread far and wide.

They weren’t on the same level.

“The Venerable Crane? Why did this monster show up?”

Walter gulped, losing his confidence. His arrogance disappeared, and he looked at Theodore with. respect.

“Hey, you over there. You entered Madam Iris’s tomb earlier, didn’t you?”

Theodore’s gaze swept across the area and finally settled on Walter.

“I’m not asking for much. If you hand over the Celestial Pearl, I’ll ensure your safety!”

“What Celestial Pearl? I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Walter frowned.

“Acting stupid? I’m repeating myself one last time. Hand over the Celestial Pearl, and I’ll spare your life.

“Otherwise, I’ll slaughter your entire sect!” Theodore yelled.

The only reason he came out of seclusion was for the Celestial Pearl. Rumor had it that Madam

Iris had found the Celestial Pearl 50 years ago. He was certain that it was in her tomb.

He could become an ultimate grandmaster with the Celestial Pearl within five years!

“Sir Crane, I don’t have the Celestial Pearl. You must be mistaken!” Walter tried to explain.

“Hmph! Since you refuse to hand it over, die!” Theodore’s expression darkened.

Without another word, he thrust a palm strike from a distance, and a giant shadow palm shot forth with an unstoppable force toward Walter.

Wherever the shadow palm passed through, it left destruction in its wake.

Walter clenched his teeth. He attempted to gather his strength but spat out another mouthful of blood instead. He almost collapsed.

“Don’t hurt my dad!”

Suddenly, Vanessa stepped forward. She attempted to shield her father from the fatal blow with her own body.


Theodore Crane showed no mercy. His iron palm continued forward.

When it seemed like Vanessa was about to be killed, a silver needle suddenly shot out with a sharp whistle.

Instantly, the shadow palm dissipated, protecting her from the devastating blow.

“What?” Theodore raised an eyebrow, angry.

“Who dared intervene in my business?”

“Sir Crane, indiscriminate killing is not a good practice.” Dustin emerged from the shadows with Abigail and Azalea.

“Dustin?” Vanessa lit up with joy at the sight of Dustin.

She couldn’t believe he had come to her rescue again in a life-and-death situation.

Was this what they called fate?

“Brat, was that sneak attack from you?” Theodore’s gaze was hostile.

“Sir Crane, a few people from Azure Mist are my friends. I hope you can go easy on them.” Dustin. lowered his head respectfully.

He hadn’t fully recovered from his injuries, so it was best to avoid a fight.

“Hmph! Who do you think you are? Why should I even be listening to you? Get the hell out of here!”

Theodore looked at Dustin with disdain.

How dare a mere kid challenge him? He didn’t know his place!

“Sir Crane, if you insist on continuing, we’ll have to settle it through a fight.

“I hope you won’t regret it when you end up lying on the ground in pain,” Dustin said seriously.

As soon as those words were spoken, the crowd fell silent. Everyone widened their eyes in disbelief.

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