Chapter 991

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Azure Mist didn’t expect to be stopped by major sects as soon as they exited the tomb. There was no way to escape.

“Sir Chasey, wouldn’t it be better to share? It doesn’t seem right for Azure Mist to enjoy it alone.”

“Walter, it would be wise to read the room. You won’t be able to keep your hands on those treasures today, so why not share them with all of us? Everyone would be happy that way.”

“Chasey! Hand over the treasures right now, or don’t blame us for using force!”

The leaders of several sects shouted a variety of threats and enticements. Their eyes gleamed with greed.

Iris had collected countless treasures. The sight of any of them would send people into a frenzy.

“What the hell are all of you talking about? We didn’t discover anything. What are we supposed to give you?”

Walter denied it firmly. He couldn’t bear to hand over the treasures they had acquired.

“Hmph! Still trying to wriggle your way out? You just came out from the tomb. You must have found something!”

“That’s right! Do you think we’re idiots? You think you can fool us with just a few words?”

“Chasey! I’ll give you one more chance. Hand over the treasures right now, or you’ll regret


The crowd was getting angry. They were ready to act at any moment.

“I told you, we don’t have anything!”

Walter growled darkly, “All of you belong to reputable sects. Are you going to rob us?”

“Chasey! You killed my fellow Skycrane disciple, and yet you remain stubborn. I am going to seek revenge today!”

One of the elderly men suddenly leaped into action, taking the lead in the assault.


Several sect leaders exchanged glances and charged forward simultaneously.

Over hundreds of elite martial artists surrounding Azure Mist joined and charged forward.

“You bastards!” Walter gritted his teeth.

He took out a Divinix he found in the tomb and swallowed it.

After taking it, it would provide a significant boost in strength and cultivation for a short time. It would allow the weak to overcome a stronger opponent in critical situations.

However, the downside was that they would turn exceptionally weak once the drug’s effects wore off.


As the tablet took effect, he let out a fierce growl. His veins bulged, and his face turned red.

Surges of overwhelming power erupted from him in an instant.

His skills had stayed stagnant for almost a decade. Today, he finally broke through his limits, entering the realm of a grandmaster!

“Hahaha… All of you can go to hell!” Walter laughed confidently.

With a powerful thrust of both palms, he unleashed the mighty force of a grandmaster. It surged toward the crowd like a tidal wave.

Three resounding explosions echoed through the air.

As the force swept through the landscape, rocks shattered, huge trees toppled, and the earth erupted in a storm of debris.

Those who had charged forward were sent flying and spat out blood. They were like leaves caught up in a storm, utterly powerless.

Even the leaders of the major sects were pushed back violently. Their internal energies. were thrown into disarray, making it difficult to withstand the force.

“H-How is this possible? You broke through?” The leader of Skycrane widened his eyes in


His opponent was weaker than him in the past. How did he suddenly become so much

more powerful?

“Those below the level of a grandmaster are nothing but trash. It seems this saying holds

Walter’s spirits soared as the tremendous power flowed in him. He was now filled with pride.

Only when he entered the realm of a grandmaster did he truly understand what it meant to have the whole world beneath his feet.

“Master Chasey, congratulations on becoming a grandmaster!” The disciples of Azure Mist were excited and congratulated Walter.

They had thought that they were doomed. They never expected that Walter would break through at a critical moment.

Even though it was through the tablet’s power, it was now enough for him to dominate the entire scene.

“Hahaha…” Walter cackled like a maniac, his gaze sweeping over the major sects.

“Come at me, you bunch of trash! I’ll take down ten of you at once!”

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