Chapter 963

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“Of course, even though these folks seem tough, we aren’t afraid of them,” Emily continued.

“But the real concerns are Boulderthorn, the Combat Priests, the Zen Order, and the Soul Reapers. Oh, there’s another person we must be careful of!”

“Who?” Abigail asked curiously.

“The young genius who recently gained fame after winning against Sir Augustus Kline!” Emily gushed.

“What?” Abigail blinked in surprise.

Emily was referring to Dustin, right?

Abigail looked at Dustin subtly. He replied by shaking his head discreetly.

They needed to lie low during their journey to avoid being targeted.

“Ms. Hoyles, have you ever met him?” Azalea smiled mischievously.

“Of course not. But I’ve heard plenty of stories,” Emily replied dreamily.

“Rumors say he’s handsome and has a strong sense of justice. More importantly, he’s only in his early twenties but is already a grandmaster.

“He’s one of Balerno’s rare talents and desired by many female martial artists!”

Emily’s eyes glimmered with admiration. It was hard for any woman to resist the young genius with a good body and extraordinary looks.

“You admire that man greatly, Ms. Hoyles.” Azalea chucked, a knowing smile on her lips.

She glanced at Dustin subtly, who was unfazed by her words.

“Who wouldn’t admire such a genius?” Emily replied nonchalantly.

Since she wouldn’t have a chance of meeting that man, she didn’t mind telling the truth to her new friends.

“Hmph, he might be impressive, but I’m not that far behind either!

“Give me another ten years, and I’ll surpass him!” Nathan interjected confidently, irritated after hearing his sister praise another man.

“You? Are you sure?” Abigail studied Nathan skeptically.

“Believe it or not, Ms. Robinson, I’m quite well–known in Yuston.

“Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you who the Little Dragon is.”

“That’s right Nathan is an incredible person!” Vanessa chimed in proudly.

“He’s one of the top martial artists in Lester and ranks third in Lester’s Supreme Ten. He’s also a genius because he’s already a divine–level martial artist!”

“Nathan could handle ten martial artists in this restaurant by himself with one hand!”

Several Azure mist disciples joined шe praise. Na was nearly grow in men excessive compliments.

But Emily smiled and stayed quiet. Her brother might be talented, but he was nowhere near the young prodigy’s level.

Still, she wasn’t foolish enough to pop his bubble of pride.,

“Is that so? You sound quite talented.” Abigail nodded innocently.

Still new to the martial world, she wasn’t familiar with how things worked yet. She could only judge that Nathan was an impressive individual based on his popularity and nickname.

“Both of you should stay close to me when we enter the forest tomorrow. I’ll protect you!” Nathan promised, patting his chest confidently

Suddenly, a wine bottle crashed into his forehead.

Wine splattered everywhere, and blood flowed down the side of his head.

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