Chapter 960

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“Bastard?” The sudden voice startled the scar–faced man.

He whirled around to find a plainly dressed man quietly observing him.

“Where the hell did you come from? You better stay out of this!” Scarface’s face darkened.

“Please help me!” The woman thrashed around and cried out hopefully, looking terrified.

She had almost given up, thinking she would be violated. But now, someone was going to help her.

“I never said I was going to get involved. You guys can carry on,” Dustin said with his arms crossed, looking unbothered.


“What?” Dustin’s response took Scarface aback. Even the woman was confused.

Wasn’t Dustin supposed to be a hero who would rescue her? So, why wasn’t he doing anything?

Was he just going to watch?

“Tch, I thought you were going to help her. Turns out you’re just a coward!” Scarface sneered

“If you aren’t going to stand up for her, get lost and stop bothering me!”

“Exactly! Scram, or we’ll break your legs!” Several of Scarface’s lackeys chimed in.

“You do your thing, and I’ll do mine. Although, I’m curious if someone like you can get it up, Dustin commented, glancing at Scarface’s crotch disdainfully.

“You’re asking for it now!” The insult pissed Scarface off.

Without hesitation, he grabbed a nearby sword and swung it toward Dustin, intending to tear him


Dustin stopped the attack by grabbing the blade. While Scarface was stunned, Dustin swiftly

landed a kick on the former’s groin.

Scarface let out a pained cry, and he collapsed to the ground. His face turned red as he frothed at

the mouth from the pain.

“How dare you hurt him! You’re dead meat!” Dustin’s actions pissed off the other guys, and they

drew their swords.

However, Dustin swiftly incapacitated them with precise kicks aimed at their groins. The men cried out, clutching themselves as they fell, and piss trickled down their legs.

“Was it necessary to go mad just because of a few words?” Dustin shook his head and walked away.

He never spared the woman a glance the entire time.

“Hey, wait!” The beautiful woman in tattered clothes caught up to him, her ample chest bouncing

as she ran.

Due to her torn attire, she had to shield herself with her hands to avoid flashing anyone.

“Yes?” Dustin looked back briefly with a calm expression.

maliks foi nepy me just now. vanessa Casey. Wills you ma vanessa expressed nei gratitude.

Without Dustin’s intervention, she might have been violated by now.

“I just happened to be passing by and did what was necessary. It’s no big deal,” Dustin replied nonchalantly.

“You helped me out. I can’t let you go without thanking you. How about I treat you to a meal?” Vanessa suggested with a smile.

“No thanks, I’m not hungry,” Dustin declined frankly.

“What?” Vanessa stiffened. She considered herself rather attractive, and few people would turn her down.

Yet, this man seemed completely unfazed by her.

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